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Minecraft commands It will bring you a more interesting “Magic Cube” game experience. That’s it All commands in Minecraft PE and other versions.

For those who lack experience and skills Play Minecraft It is very natural for them to help themselves with some cheat codes, cheat commands. The following article will guide you through some Minecraft game commands for your convenience during the initial game.

Minecraft commands

Minecraft It is one of the few games that are classified as classic, famous and popular in the world, although the interface and graphics of the game are not beautiful, the content is not interesting, the sound is average. . However, what makes this magic square the main attraction, style, an endless world game. Players, like in the reality of their game, have to do things in order for their characters to survive, develop or perform their tasks.

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How To Use Minecraft Cheats Commands

Previously, Download.vn introduced you to a few Basic Minecraft commandsHowever, these are only commands for in-game operations, which are understood as clear commands, not so much for cheating. And today’s article is another list of commands, which will help you implement and perform tasks that even the most experienced miner cannot do easily.

To enter cheat codes while playing Minecraft, you can proceed the key or billion To display the command bar, then enter the code as usual. However, before that, you need to activate the cheat code mode for the game:

  • Select the mode Mr in Allow cheating If you create a new world (Create new worlds)
  • Or while playing, open it Game menu Select Out LAN open and then turn it on Allow cheating ok

How to use cheat codes

How to Enter Commands in Minecraft

If you’re writing Minecraft Java or Bedrock code, remember that every command must start with a slash. /, but using a console shortcut will automatically add this prefix. So, you need to enter the Minecraft commands that you want to use.

Minecraft commands are also case sensitive. Note that you cannot use capital letters.

How to Write Minecraft Code on PC – Minecraft Java

To use Minecraft commands or cheats on PC, all you need to do is enter the game, tap the button / Open Control Panel. Alternatively, you can enter the cheat code through the chat window.

Click for Java Edition (PC/Mac), Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition T Open the chat window.

How To Enter Minecraft Cheat Codes On Console – Minecraft Bedrock

  • Press the remote’s D-pad button to enter Minecraft commands on Xbox One, PS4.
  • Press the right arrow button on the remote to access Minecraft cheats on Nintendo Switch.

Specifically, our Minecraft command table would look like this:

  • /gamemode 0: Switch the game to survival mode
  • / GameMode 1: Switch the game to creative mode
  • / GameMode 2: Switch the game to Adventure Mode
  • Gamemode 3: Switching to Spectator Mode
  • /Gamerule command blockoutput error: Disable command block output
  • /Gamerule showDeathMessages: Disable death messages
  • /Gamerule doFireTick false: prevents fire from spreading
  • GameRule doDaylightCycle Error: Disable time cycle
  • Gamerule keepInventory true: Keep your inventory after death
  • /kill @r: kill any player (randomly selected)
  • /kill @e: Kills all living creatures in the game
  • /kill @a: Kills all players in the game
  • /kill @p: Kill the player closest to your position
  • /time set 18000: Set night time
  • /time set 6000: Set time to noon
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 22 [Giây][level 1-255]: Absorbed
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 15 [Giây][level 1-255]: Check
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] the twelfth [Giây][level 1-255]: Fireproof
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 3 [Giây][level 1-255]: soon
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 21 [Giây][level 1-255]: HP recovery
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 17 [Giây][level 1-255]: Make the character feel hungry
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 7 [Giây][level 1-255]: Deals instant damage
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 6 [Giây][level 1-255]: Instantly reduces the character’s health (HP).
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 14 [Giây][level 1-255]: Not visible
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 8 [Giây][level 1-255]: jump
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 4 [Giây][level 1-255]: Digging is difficult
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 9 [Giây][level 1-255]: Nausea
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 16 [Giây][level 1-255]: Better night vision, night mode
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 19 [Giây][level 1-255]: toxic
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] ten [Giây][level 1-255]: reconstitution, reorganization
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 11 [Giây][level 1-255]: Rehabilitation
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 23 [Giây][level 1-255]: Saturation (appetite mode)
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 2 [Giây][level 1-255]: To reduce the maximum speed
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] the first [Giây][level 1-255]: acceleration
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 5 [Giây][level 1-255]: Strong
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 13 [Giây][level 1-255]: Deep breath
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 18 [Giây][level 1-255]: Health decreases, becomes weak
  • / effect [Tên người chơi] 20 [Giây][level 1-255]: Dry the plant

Object ID

Also, there are other special commands such as:

  • rainbow sheep: When you call each sheep pocket Then its fur will always change colors like a rainbow.
  • Repeat for each animal: Use a name tag and place it to return to another creature. Very interesting, but you need these nametags by crafting (using Iron Ingot 3.4), exploring dungeons, fishing, or trading with villagers (trade value should be up to 20 emeralds). This command is only available in version 1.8.1.
  • Display aspect ratio: While playing, press the + Hold key F3.
  • View the current delay: Hold down the key F6 game time
  • Change perspective: If you play in survival mode (to survive), you can press F5 To change perspective and switch to third person perspective.
  • the rain: Press F5 In creative mode (creative) to produce rain.
  • Instant Country Creation (aka.) The seed of the nation) Use the /gimmeabreak/ command in a wide, wide area and stand facing the sun, a village will immediately appear behind you.
  • Duplicate the object map: If so, you have to play MultiplayerYou can clone an object created by:
    • Press The real billion To open the chat box
    • Then enter the command / returns the item id [1-64] it has to enter

Each item in the Minecraft game is assigned a specific number from 1 to 64. Enter the code corresponding to the number of the item you want to add. However, not all items can be cloned, especially colored wool and special colors.

Table of object IDs

In this case:

/ Item ID Day 1: Get more stones (not cobblestones)

/ item id 50 days: more torches

/ Item ID Day 35: Wool, get a lot of white wool

  • Finding dungeons (dungeons) is easy: Before doing this, make sure you have plenty of torches, weapons, and possibly a whole village, then do the following:
    • Go to places where you suspect a dungeon.
    • Press abandonin Options – Options.
    • Change game difficulty from any mode to hard.
    • Close this number and press F3.
    • Now you can see the soil, in particular, you can see the ID strips under the soil, which are the IDs of the monsters, and if you see a bunch of IDs together, the part is probably the channel or the center. In a dungeon

Although it doesn’t work every time and must be correct, you should also know that, to perform this trick, the player must press the F3 key several times. And if there is fire in the sky, it is a sign that there is a dungeon 16 blocks from your place.

  • help help [tên lệnh] – Provides additional information about the given command.
  • Teleport: /tp [Người chơi mục tiêu] xyz – Used to teleport yourself or send other players to a specific location in this world. By placing the other player’s name at the correct coordinates, this will move the target directly to the location of the player in question. You can go to a new world on the Minecraft map.
  • time: /time Time Type – Lets you choose Time or World. Options include: rain, lightning, and snow.
  • Change the difficulty to peaceful: /peaceful difficulty – Change difficulty of peace mode. Easily change to Easy, Normal or Hard for more challenge.
  • How to find seed code in the world: /seed – This will generate the code for your world, save it so you can load a similar code in the future.
  • Summon: / summon – Immediately bring the desired animal or object into your world, especially useful if you have a wild cat.

Minecraft commands

Avoid getting lost and know when you’re close to the ground

New players always want to explore, but if they stop this activity, especially if in desert mines, they can easily get lost and end up in an unknown place far from their beloved home. You can’t remember where you slept recently and you forgot to copy the X,Y,Z values ​​for future editors. If you want to go back to the spawn/favorite position, apply the following trick to avoid getting lost:

  • Systematic discovery: If you find one or more forks in the road, examine them one by one. When you reach the end and almost nothing can be done, mark or use a regular block (such as gravel) to block the path.
  • Place the sandwich: When digging and prospecting, be sure to dig in small pieces as exit guides using stones or other blocks of standing soil or a block of ore to mark intersections. They are your clues as to where to start next. Although this action will greatly influence your choice, know that the back way is always more valuable than a tool, especially if wood is still abundant in wild mines.
  • Leave natural marks: Get the first source of water where you don’t know where it is, but leave the rest. Some of the water flowing from the walls would be useful for exploration. Also, if you see lava in your path, don’t go out to clear it. It emits light, which can be contained in a glass structure. It is a good source of natural light.
  • If you know the way and there is lava: Since Minecraft beta 1.8 with an improved lighting engine, it’s easier to know when to stay close to the ground. The torch emits a light that gradually changes to warm tones. Lava has a larger light radius. In other words, the brightest point is also larger in size. If you see a light that isn’t of your own making, it’s obviously a lava lake. On the other hand, outdoor lighting uses cool colors. If you’re close to the ground, it doesn’t have the heat of a torch, but a fluorescent white like rock, or a pale blue color at night.

These are some basic commands that you can use while playing Minecraft, combine these commands with operation commands that you know before to play the game better. In addition, you must pay attention Computer configuration You can try mining (or adding) before installing and playing Minecraft More RAM for Minecraft if).

I want to enjoy the fun moments!

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