Minecraft: Blocks and items can only be obtained through commands

Minecraft There are many blocks and items for you to collect. However, there are tools, which can only be obtained using square blocks Minecraft commands.

Minecraft has a lot of special blocks that you need to use commands to use
Minecraft has a lot of special blocks that you need to use commands to use

Items obtained by blocks and commands in Minecraft

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    fence block

    Command: /interrupt [amount]

    Block fence in minecraft
    Block fence in minecraft

    This is one of the most common cheat blocks in Minecraft. You can get it in Minecraft Bedrock and Java version.

    For those who don’t know, fence blocks are invisible and don’t allow anyone to pass. Because it is invisible, server admins and map creators often use it to block players. When holding a block in your hand you can only see the fence block.

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    book of knowledge

    Command: /@p minecraft give: knowledge_book 1

    Minecraft book blocks
    Minecraft book blocks

    This is an exclusive item of Minecraft Java Edition. This is one of the few things that can be attached via command / gives. The design of the knowledge book is similar to other blocks. The only difference is they have a green model.

    You can save recipes and use books to learn information. This is especially useful on multiplayer servers and adventure maps.

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    command block

    Command: / day command_block [amount]

    Command block in Minecraft
    Command block in Minecraft

    Command blocks are some of the coolest blocks in Minecraft. They come in 3 different types: Regular, Repeat and Sequence. These blocks help you execute each command better than usual.

    Minecraft command blocks are especially useful for creating special constructions, such as perfect circles in Minecraft.

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    light block


    • / give light [amount]
    • / given light{BlockStateTag:{level:}} [amount]
    Light Blocks in Minecraft
    Light Blocks in Minecraft

    Minecraft has many light sources, from expensive beacons to cheap torches. However, there are currently no editable light blocks. Fortunately, the Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs update added a new flexible light source, called Light Blocks.

    Due to its invisible nature, you can use this block to illuminate buildings in Minecraft without worrying about hiding the source.

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    Debug stick

    Command: Enter /@s debug_stick

    Many blocks in Minecraft are different. For example, you can rotate the stairs in different directions. And you can use the debug stick to change the state or properties of a block. This stick is often used by builders when they want to place some blocks in an area of ​​Minecraft.

    Currently you can only use the Debug Stick in the Java version of Minecraft.

Update at 7:10 - 11/09/2022
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