Minecraft: Best Villagers deserve your trade items

Types of Villagers in Minecraft They may exchange valuable things for you, but they are not the same. down the line Best minecraft villagers for business.

Villagers in Minecraft

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The world of Minecraft is huge. It is not only full of square blocks, but there are also characters such as villagers, traders, bandits … they all create an interesting micro-society in Minecraft. Although you can’t control characters, you can trade items with them Villagers in Minecraft Get the desired item.

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    Shepherd – Shepherd

    Keeper in Minecraft

    For those looking for emeralds, building a sheep farm and finding village shepherds is a good way to earn the much needed money. These Minecraft villagers usually provide wool. You can exchange 18 feathers for 1 emerald. Evolving Shepherd will allow players to trade gem colors. You can exchange gems for bed, banner but it’s not worth it. Minecraft villagers take on the role of guardians if there are looms nearby.

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    Cartographer – Cartographer

    Mapmaker in Minecraft

    If you want to explore, you’ll definitely want to meet the local cartographer – a Minecraft villager will take on the role as you stand next to the map drawing table. This character offers cards in exchange for emeralds. Advance this character, you can start a real adventure. Some cartographers offer compasses and exploration maps for more than 10 emeralds. Maps can direct players to extremely rare Ocean Monuments or Woodland Mansions.

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    Tool – iron

    Blacksmith in Minecraft

    If there was a village in Minecraft that provided players with the tools they needed to survive, it would be the Toolsmith. This character can offer emeralds in exchange for coal, iron or flint. Gems can be exchanged for some equipment from the blacksmith.

    Of course, players can craft some tools that can be used by blacksmiths. For example, you can exchange enough emeralds for diamonds or iron tools, including shovels, axes, and pickaxes. You can find the iron near the iron table.

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    Fletcher – Bow and arrow maker

    Blacksmith in Minecraft

    Weapons in Minecraft are more diverse and useful in game development. Therefore, using a villager in Minecraft that specializes in making bows and arrows is the perfect choice for those who want to get better in this field. The top two possible trades are 1 emerald for 32 wands and 16 arrows for 1 emerald. The next contract contains normal and enchanted arrows that can be sold for 21-22 emeralds. Fletchers also accept flint, wool or rope for emeralds. A Minecraft villager will take on this role while standing next to the dining table.

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    Mason – Builder

    Minecraft creator

    Those who enjoy building blocks will enjoy working with masonry. However, even if you don’t have this passion, mason emeralds can be the best asset to sell while playing Minecraft. Between Novice and Journeyman levels, masons can offer the player emeralds in exchange for stone, clay, andesite, diorite, and granite. All of these items are very easy to collect in dynamic categories, clay is often found in swamps. If you’re looking for an easy way to find good terracotta or quartz blocks, the Expert and Master Mason levels will help you. The villagers next to the stone quarry will play the role of scattering bricks in Minecraft.

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    traveling salesman

    Traveling Trader in Minecraft

    Certain types of villages appear randomly in Minecraft, separate from where they spawn. Sometimes the player has to deal with a raiding party of bandits who suddenly appear and attack from the front, but sometimes they encounter the Wandering Trader and his two camel friends.

    All trades with this merchant are in exchange for emeralds. You can get pets and other farming materials from the Wandering Trader in Minecraft. The most expensive items include Slimeball (4 Emeralds), Nautilus Shell (5 Emeralds), Blue Ice (6 Emeralds).

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