Minecraft 1.19 The Wild: Everything You Need to Know

Minecraft 1.19 officially released. Minecraft Player 1.19 They will now discover all the long-awaited new features.

How to Update Latest Minecraft Bedr

  • By phone: Just go to the App Store, then press the Update button.
  • Console: Like a mobile phone. Just go to the game repository on the console and then download the latest version here.
  • On PC: The game automatically prompts players to update when a new version is available. If it doesn’t appear, simply uninstall and download the game from the Microsoft Store or the official Mojang website.

The Minecraft Java update process is like Bedrock. If you don’t want to download the game again, restart the launcher.

Currently the following platforms can update to Minecraft 1.19:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S/X
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Android, iOS and PC devices

Minecraft 1.19 Update Details

Dangerous guardians

New Mob The Warden in Minecraft

Warden is a powerful mob boss found in Minecraft’s Deep Dark biome. Mojang has put a lot of effort into testing this crowd for a long time. In Official Minecraft 1.19, Minecraft Warden mobs have the ability to use long-range sonic attacks to break through shields, break armor spells, and knock enemies out. Warden can also quickly counterattack, making it difficult for players to take full advantage of his abilities.

Currently, the Warden is a very powerful monster with 500 HP, 15/30/45 melee damage and 6/1/15 range (difficulty based).

In general, it is best to avoid direct combat with Wardens in Minecraft as it is very dangerous.

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A herd of frogs with different varieties

Frogs are the first amphibian mob added to Minecraft. It is a great option to decorate your indoor pool. The player can use up to 3 frog variations based on the temperature of the current biome.

Frog in Minecraft 1.19

Deep Dark Biome

Deep Dark is a new biome in the deepest part of the Minecraft world. It was originally scheduled to appear in Minecraft 1.17, but was later delayed. It is a unique cave biome that does not contain water or lava.

Players will find deep darkness in mountainous areas. It is usually formed in the dipslate layer between Y=-1 and Y=-64. This biome has deep dark cities with carved blocks.

ancient city

The same size as the Stronghold, the old city is a building built in deep darkness. It is a palatial structure, covering the entire biome. There are long corridors in this area.

Mangrove swamps

Mangrove forest in minecraft

Finally came the Biome Mangrove Swamp. This is one of the two new biomes in Minecraft 1.19 update with Deep Dark. These mangroves are full of mud and mangroves everywhere.

Mangrove is a special plant that grows only in muddy environments. Due to the number of roots extending from the trunk to the ground, mangrove forests appear very dense. The main inhabitants of this biome are frogs.

Update at 10:07 - 17/08/2023
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