MiHoYo recommends the best Kokomi build line in Genshin Impact

During Faiz’s trial The genshin effect 3.0, Hoyoverse offers a strong and effective Kokomi line. you can too Create a Kokomi team La Huan Tham Can is like Joy.

Kokomi in Genshin Impact

Tips for making a team with Kokomi in Genshin Impact

  • Kokomi Genshin Impact Lineup Recommended by MiHoYo
  • Team rotation
  • Another way to build Kokomi teams is Genshin Impact

Kokomi Genshin Impact Lineup Recommended by MiHoYo

Hoyoverse offers players a powerful team with two 5-star Hydros and two 4-star characters. Specifically:

  • Kokomi went first.
  • Fischl belongs to the second group.
  • Yelan serves as an off-court DPS.
  • Sucrose is an air support character.

Although more than 3 5-star characters, they are rare and not hard to find. Kokomi banners are now available for players to earn. The previous update had many complaints. Also, you can easily own Fishel and Sucrose from any banner. When building a team to defeat Luo Huan Shen Jing, you can replace Sucrose with Kazuha for better results.

A build line of Kokomi in Genshin Impact

Team rotation

After your character reaches level 80 or higher and is upgraded, you can bring it to La Huan Sham Canh 3.0 to join the challenge. Here’s how to rotate properly so that this team works well and does the most damage to the enemy.

  • Kokomi uses basic abilities first.
  • Yellen’s explosiveness and skill transfer.
  • Then, use Fishel’s basic abilities.
  • Switch to Kazuha and use his basic blast skill.
  • Let Kokomi set up the explosion, attack, then use basic skills.
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The rotation of this formation doubles the resonance of the water element. You should use Kazuha’s basic skills to increase your entire team’s lightning and water damage, while also lowering the enemy’s basic resistance.

Yelan and Kokomi in Genshin Impact

Another way to build Kokomi teams is Genshin Impact

Electric team

Ya Miko is one of the best characters paired with Kokomi. You still use Fishle to support Ya Miko with Lightning Elemental Resonance. In addition to Kazuha, you can use Sucrose to reduce your opponent’s Elemental Resonance and Crowd Control.

Freeze the team

Kamisato is the best ice partner for Ayaka and Shenhei Kokomi, able to freeze all enemy levels. You can spread this effect in the field by using cashews. Also, Kazuha can play as an additional DPS for this team.

Teams for free play

Other groups operating Kokomi include Beidou, Fishol, Sucrose. These 3 characters are more suitable for beginners and are free to play. Aside from Kokomi, the remaining 3 members are 4-star characters that most Genshin Impact players have.

Here’s a great tip for members How to Create the Best Kokomi Genshin Impact Lines. I hope this article is useful for you.

Update at 19:53 - 11/08/2023
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