March 2022 Unlimited Free Fire Cards: Everything You Need to Know

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TVC Free Fire January 2022

Garena Free Fire for iOS Garena Free Fire for Android

Garena Free Fire An interesting survival shooter in both graphics and gameplay. You can fight alone or fight with friends in ranked mode. Also, the game has a large arsenal of weapons and an interesting game system that you don’t want to miss. Prominent among them Elite Pass very good Infinity Card.

Everything you need to know about Infinite Cards in Free Fire

  • What is Elite Pass in Free Fire?
  • Free Fire Elite Pass Price
  • Free Fire Elite Pass Season 41
    • Free Fire Elite Pass Release Date and Price
    • Free Fire 41 Infinite Card New Age Item List

What is Elite Pass in Free Fire?

Elite Pass – Infinity Pass is the free fire version of Battle Pass. It is a level-based system that rewards players for reaching certain levels, also known as badges. Players upgrade badges by completing missions to unlock new items. Rewards may include character packs, emotes, weapon skins, and other items. Each Elite Pass is valid for 1 month only. In other words, Garena will change them every month.

Free Fire Elite Pass Price

Elite Pass is not free. Every player has access to the normal pass (which offers lower level rewards). To unlock Elite Pass, you must purchase or register Diamonds free fire Another season option is to pre-order passes to get more rewards.

The Free Fire Elite Pass has two prices:

  • Elite Pass: Only Pass – 499 Diamonds
  • Elite Bundle: Pass + Exclusive Packs & Other Items + 50 Elite Pass Pre-Orders or Badges – 999 Diamonds

How to Save Unlimited Cards on Free Fire

Step 1: Players must unlock the Elite Pass in Free Fire.

Step 2: Then, the reader clicks on the icon displayed next to the Upgrade button. A dialog box will appear, prompting the player to first purchase Elite Plus.

Step 3: Click the 999 button next to the diamond icon to confirm your reservation for the next season of the FF Infinite Card.

After pre-ordering, players will receive a special skateboard, 50 badges, and Celestial Cosmopuff as rewards when the Infinite Card is officially released.

Free Fire Elite Pass March 2022

March 2022 is the release date of Free Fire Infinity Cards

March 2022 Infinity Pass or Free Fire Elite Pass Season 46 will be released on March 1, 2022 and will run until March 31, 2022. The main colors of Free Fire’s next Infinity card are white and blue, with the swan taking the role as the main theme image.

Players can pre-order this Elite Pass starting February 29, 2022 to get a special skin.

March 2022 Infinity Card Rewards Leaked

Players who reach badge level 225 will unlock all rewards for the next Infinity Card season in Free Fire. They will then receive an exclusive loot box for every 25 badges. Of course, players will still receive rewards and badges if they don’t purchase the Elite Pass, but the amount will be reduced.

Free Fire Free Pass 3/2002

5 Badges – Neon Dolly Banner
40 Badge – Gear Jacket
100 Badges – Pastel Work T-Shirt
150 Badge – Night Lion Banner
200 Badges – Neon Bunny Backpack

Free Fire Elite Pass Award 3/2022

0 Badge – Copper Light Motorcycle
10 Badges – UMP Copper Light Skin
15 Badges – Engineering Engineer Jacket
30 Badges – Machine Dolly Banner
40 Badges – Bronzed Owl Avatar
50 Badges – Mechania Bronze Female Bundle
80 Badge – USP Copper Light
100 Badges – Build the Bunny Skyboard
115 Badge – Bronzed Owl Banner
125 Badge – Gas Grenade Explosion Skin
135 Badges – Machine Dolly Avatar
150 Badges – Genius Skull Loot Box
195 Badges – Smart Bunny Backpack
225 Badge – Mechania Brass Male Bundle

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