Lords Mobile – Gamota latest code 02/2023

You are struggling looking for for myself a game to fun then try now Lords Mobile – Gamota. That is a game title interesting of theme Strategy, suitable levels age .

Lords Mobile – Gamota gets lots of gamers downloaded with Content rating downloads, is rated Starred by gamer. Similar other games, gamer can to use promo code free to climb rank favorable more.

GameRoobie has listed the latest promo code Lords Mobile – Gamota 02/2023 and how to fill code correct to get wins free and many items values in Lords Mobile – Gamota.

VIEW GIFT CODE NEW NOW (Updated 5/02/2023)

Code Lords Mobile – Gamota latest.

Publisher IGG.COM donate users GameRoobie many coupon code value on the occasion of game Strategy Lords Mobile – Gamota launch.

EDA65E Import code receive 40 item (New)
3205660 ADD giftcode get 10 Gold
87ED45 Add code receive 300 Diamond
59F8852 Import code give 300 Diamond
5369CAF Add giftcode receive 400 Coins
2511051 Add code receive 200 Diamond
41EC71E Change code give 200 Coins
3B79E5B Change code reward 200 Diamond
364DA4A Change code yes 20 Gold
D950D4 Import giftcode yes 200 Gold
36BCFA6 Change giftcode reward Gold
86A2B5 Change giftcode give 50 Token
22571E3 Change giftcode receive 300 Diamond
18A6EF6 ADD code receive 50 Gold
573EF81 Change code get 300 items
5361BA0 ADD giftcode yes 40 Token
57EBC67 Change giftcode receive 100 Coins
2704368 ADD code get 500 Diamond
1212A07 ADD code yes 30 Token
1147AD9 Add code yes Token
38B997F Add code receive 40 Gold
638433 Import code give 500 Gold
45798F6 Add code get 20 items
147CBE Import code receive 100 Gold
56E07EF ADD code receive 200 Gold
1A383F2 Add giftcode yes 10 Token

Waiting adding more…

Code Lords Mobile – Gamota used.

  • 234C1B8
  • 11F0665
  • 2CAE28A
  • 119FE88
  • 5403D3F
  • 18B6AA6
  • 3F7311A
  • 4E14E72
  • 2F5EE86
  • 1B4CC76

Promo Code Lords Mobile – Gamota newbie.

  • 2A5DE92
  • 15AFB76
  • 2D5C45A
  • 2DB27AC
  • 5B076B3
  • 280AEB
  • 5E374C7
  • C5B655
  • 18DD13F
  • 433DA60

Code Lords Mobile – Gamota event.

  • 175B4A1
  • 4307A4E
  • 5226567
  • 5BE2FD4
  • DA54A6
  • 47CB206
  • F4175C
  • 33497BD
  • 544C8F2
  • 1520755

Tutorial how to add Promo Code game Lords Mobile – Gamota.

Step 1: Login homepage Lords Mobile – Gamota

Step 2: Login where enter Code Lords Mobile – Gamota

Step 3: Enter correct Gift Code game Lords Mobile – Gamota

Updating details…

Description Lords Mobile – Gamota.

Gamota and IGG cooperated to co-publish Lords Mobile game in Vietnam.

Do you want to join the battle with millions of players? Join LORDS MOBILE, the real-time strategy MMO mobile game.

Explore strange magical lands filled with fearsome monsters and brutal enemies. Choose your favorite heroes, make friends and go to war! Defeat every enemy and build an empire of your own!

☆Collect Artifacts
Explore Ancient Artifacts in the Hall of Antiquities. Upgrade and strengthen them to unlock real power!

☆Enter the Border Gate!
The Border Gate is the most anticipated new feature waiting for you! Collect, upgrade, and combine cards to take on thrilling levels, with the invincible border guard power and talent defeating the evil enemies lurking at the Border!

☆ NEW: T5 Soldiers!
Upgrade your minions to T5 by crafting Light Weapons! Return to the battlefield and sweep!

☆ Open World Mobile Game☆
Join millions of players in an open world on mobile! Watch, chat and freely challenge others in this MMO!

☆Make Friends☆
Gather allies in the kingdom and go to war together!

☆Ruling like an Emperor☆
Take the throne in the ultimate battle of the kingdom! Will you rule as an ally or just a dictator?!

☆Mighty General☆
Recruit and upgrade heroes with unique skills and distinct personalities! Let them lead you to glory or team up to complete RPG campaigns you’ll definitely want to play over and over again!

☆Adept Strategist☆
How would you arrange your troops before a battle? Explore formations to master your strategy! Summarize the best way to take down your enemies in this ultimate mobile simulation MMO game!

☆Combat Animation☆
Experience the ferocity of battles through superb 3D graphics!

☆Change of Kingdom☆
Build your empire on new lands by moving to any server with a simple click! Be flexible!

☆Open Your Own Path☆
Will you invade the enemy kingdom and capture some of the leaders? Will you rescue prisoners from battle? Or will the kingdoms and empires you build fall to dust?

☆Summon Partner☆
Compromise with ferocious monsters and make them Partners! Train and develop this new force to possess their endless possibilities. With this powerful force, nothing can stand in our way!

☆Dragon Arena☆
An epic battle between Guilds will take place! Troops will be preserved, forward!

Build your own legacy, only in LORDS MOBILE!

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LordsMobileVN/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lordsmobilevn/
Customer Support: help.lordsmobile.android.VN@igg.com

Note: A network connection is required to play.

[App Permissions]Devices running Lollipop (OS 5.1.1) or lower may allow game data to be saved on expandable storage.

Link download game Lords Mobile – Gamota: Download here

New feature of Lords Mobile – Gamota.

# Chế độ mới: [Tranh Phong Trận] (Lâu Đài đạt Lv 25. Xem thông báo ingame để biết thêm.)
※ 3 sự kiện sẽ xuất hiện ngẫu nhiên. Xem Bảng sự kiện để biết thêm.
– Pháo Đài Tiên Phong xuất hiện. Tấn công chiếm Pháo Đài Tiên phong trước Kỳ Quan Khu Vực. Hợp quân ít nhất 2 phút.
# Chỉnh quy tắc Trận chiến Hoàng gia, Thù Hận và Chén Thánh Chiến: Bên không chiếm cứ được tấn công hợp quân Pháo Đài khi Hòa Bình. Nhưng, Quân Liên minh sẽ tự động rút lui nếu đến Pháo Đài mà nó vẫn đang ở Giai đoạn Hòa bình.

Image Lords Mobile – Gamota .

Screenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot image

Question about Gift Code Lords Mobile – Gamota

Users given innumerable problems regarding coupon code Lords Mobile – Gamota, GameRoobie had total combine below here, if you encounter it, please follow the instructions.

What is Promo Code Lords Mobile – Gamota?

Friends imagine code Lords Mobile – Gamota are promo code gift do publisher IGG.COM distributed to player game , support participant can upgrade other materials in game play}.

Get code Lords Mobile – Gamota latest?

At this article, gift code Lords Mobile – Gamota will be added continuously weekly when there is code new for disciples to use. comrades save post, regularly access to have more promo code more.

Expiry date promo code Lords Mobile – Gamota?

Each promo code Lords Mobile – Gamota has different expiry, you won’t be able to tell it’s code live for expiry date how long. Expiry date of each code will depend on on event taking place, can be days or days, even hours. Disciples should take advantage of use quickly before promo code expires expiry!

Why code Lords Mobile – Gamota doesn’t work?

Majority, gift code Lords Mobile – Gamota remains active for months. However after a while, the publishers deactivate the code. This usually happens in a large update game. However, disciples please note the following things when start enter promo code.

– Code is case sensitive.

– To enter best, disciples just copy Code in the table above and paste into the Giftcode input box in game instead of manual.

Me add code Lords Mobile – Gamota no reward?

Some user fill giftcode again see code Lords Mobile – Gamota is incorrect or doesn’t work due to expired expiry. But the most has some reasons why code doesn’t exists that is you |you} don’t enter correct giftcode.

Me can use this giftcode multiple times?

No! comrades can only be used once for a certain account.

When is the latest giftcode Lords Mobile – Gamota available?

Actually, there is currently no release date for the latest giftcode Lords Mobile – Gamota specifically which date is for players, so disciples will have to save this web and visit regularly. Website will work hard update code so that comrades add and get item.

When add giftcode Lords Mobile – Gamota succeeds me what to do?

No need to do anything, reward will be sent to player’s user right away immediately. If not yes get item ie means you have add that giftcode or code has expired time validity okay.


Above is the latest code Lords Mobile – Gamota code exactly to get more items value in game.

Hope article will help co-religion have a great experience. If you have difficulty in manipulation, please comment below this article.

Update at 8:51 - 31/01/2023
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