List of all starter Pokemon in generations

Pokemon starter A lot changes from generation to generation. Let’s take a look at he Pokemon starter Every generation!

Pokemon started with the Pokemon game

  • Pokemon Go for PC
  • Pokemon Go for Android
  • Pokemon Go for iOS

If you are a fan of manga and anime, you must have heard of or liked the famous Pokemon. It is the most popular cartoon and comic book in the land of the rising sun. The main content is about collecting animals and the journey of trainers to win the title of Supreme Pokemon Trainer.

Not just movies, you can also experience catching and training Pokemon species through various games. Since its introduction on the Gameboy platform, Pokemon has grown rapidly, becoming a Japanese media icon, more popular than Mickey Mouse, even beating Hello Kitty.

With the launch of the virtual reality version of Pokemon Go on mobile, the number of Pokemon fans around the world is growing. It’s a game that lets you catch the most realistic Pokemon species in real-life locations. To become a good trainer, you have to overcome many challenges, collect badges, fame and complete Pokedex. On a journey of discovery, everything you need Pokemon is starting.

That Pokemon starts every generation

  • Pokemon Starter Gen 1 (Red / Blue / Yellow)
  • Pokemon Starter Gen 2 (Gold/Silver/Crystal)
  • Pokemon Starter Gen 3 (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
  • Pokemon Starter Gen 4 (Diamond/Pearl)
  • Pokemon Starter Gen 5 (Black/White)
  • Pokemon Starter Gen 6 (X/Y)
  • Pokemon Starter Gen 7 (Sun/Moon)
  • Pokemon Starter Gen 8 (Sword/Sword)

Pokemon Starter Gen 1 (Red / Blue / Yellow)

Gen 1 Starter Pokemon

Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle – 3 common Pokemon, play an important role not only in the content of the game, but also in Ash’s success in the popular animated series Pokemon. You can only own this one. These starter Pokemon are not found in the wild. So you start your adventure with an important decision. This will form your main play style.

Unlike other generations, Generation 1’s initial Pokemon can spawn into red and blue Pokemon.

  • Charmander initially had a hard time in the gym, but gained more powers after improving.
  • Squirtle dominates gyms and is a good rotation choice in the late game, but is overwhelmed by water-type Pokemon before it evolves into Blastoise.
  • Bulbasaur is clearly the best of the bunch, he has the ability to take on many of the best opponents in his gym and has a great moveset that allows you to get through the early game comfortably. However, this Pokemon is no match for the Elite Four’s Dragon and Ice-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Starter Gen 2 (Gold/Silver/Crystal)

Pokemon 2nd generation starter

They are dual-type Pokemon, meaning they have the strengths and weaknesses of both types of Pokemon. The dual Pokemon system brings depth and variety to battles, beyond the weak mechanics of Gen 1 Pokemon. However, surprisingly, none of the Gen 2 Pokemon are duplicates.

  • Cyndaquil is a pure fire system.
  • Totodil is a water system.
  • Chicory is a type of weed.

Which proves that they have less weakness than dual-type Pokemon, but also less growth potential. In this, Chikorita is considered the worst starter in the history of Pokemon games due to the change in the way it works.

Pokemon Starter Gen 3 (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

The third generation of starter Pokemon

Pokemon Starter Gen 3 is a good choice of starter Pokemon. Torchic and Mudkeep have the ability to develop well from start to finish. It has the same power.

Mudkip has fewer weaknesses and slightly better stats than Torchic. Mudkip is stronger than Emerald because the champion uses water moves, which is Torchic’s weak point.

Treecko is Gen 3’s only Pokemon outside of Pokemon Starter 3. It is also completely grass after evolving, so its movement is limited. However, this is not a bad start for Pokemon.

Pokemon Starter Gen 4 (Diamond/Pearl)

Fourth generation starter Pokemon

Like Generation 3, Diamond and Pearl give you 2 great starter Pokemon and a weak pick.

Turtwig was the first major grass-type starter Pokemon after Bulbous. Thanks to its good buff and high defense, Turtwig is an elite tank Pokemon. It’s a bit slow, but it’s compensated by a set with “huge” damage.

Chimchar is still at the top of the best starting Pokemon. Basically, he is the exact opposite of Turtivig, Chimchar has “terrible” defense but natural pace. When it evolves, Chimchar becomes a Fire/Fighting type Pokemon – a strong damage combo with a small weakness.

Pilup was originally a Water-type Pokemon, but eventually became a Steel-type Pokemon. His biggest weakness is his pace and lack of exceptional clearing ability.

Pokemon Starter Gen 5 (Black/White)

The 5th generation of Pokemon begins

In addition to the new Unova region, Black & White gives us 156 new Pokemon (the biggest Pokédex update ever), seasons, match 3s, and an interesting story of rotation and growth. Generation 5 Starter Pokemon are considered the best in the game. However, it has some really poor quality starter Pokemon.

Snivy, Tepig and Oshawat are practically clones of previous generations. Snivy belongs to the monocot grass family, it does not fly. Oshawott’s water condition is the worst – low health, slow. Even Tepig is annoying and gets caught by other Pokemon.

Pokemon Starter Gen 6 (X/Y)

Pokemon Generation 6 begins

Generation 6 starter Pokemon are not given by your professor, but as a gift to your friends.

Chespin, a grass Pokemon that eventually evolves into a grass/battle combo, is a simple physical damage “weapon”. But it has very good defense, good attack, high HP.

Fennekin is a fire type and turns into a fire/spirit type. It is strong in attack and defense, but not good against physical damage.

Froakie is the favorite Pokemon of this generation. Speed ​​is its unique advantage. Combined with the normal combat ability this turns Froakie into a grass “cannon” – a powerful hit but not high damage.

Pokemon Starter Gen 7 (Sun/Moon)

The 7th generation of Pokemon begins

The 7th generation starter Pokemon are the least and their abilities are debated on the forums.

Rowlet is a grass/fly type with good stats, making it a good choice against water and grass type Pokemon in the early game. When it becomes a Decidueye, it can learn ghost moves.

Litten has low power stats. When he became Incinerator, he was known for his great support abilities.

Popleo is off to a bad start, but as it develops it may prefer to go for maximum special attack and defensive power.

Pokemon Starter Gen 8 (Sword/Sword)

Pokemon Generation 8 begins

The original 8th generation Pokemon has been completely modernized and enhanced, bringing a true single-player Pokemon experience to home consoles for the first time.

Grookey is the grass equivalent of Chimchar – fast and strong with the highest Attack stat of any starter Pokemon. It also benefits from the Grassy Surge stealth trait, which restores 1/16 of Grassy’s maximum HP each turn. Grooki shines in a one-use role for a drum-beating move that slows down opponents.

Scorebunny is the fastest evolved Pokemon and is similar in strength to Froakie. Despite its strong attack stats, Scorbuni and its physical attack evolution have limited range. With this hidden ability, Libero turns all of Scorbunny’s attacks into STAB.

Sobble is a Pokemon with good speed and special attacks that is second in the list of new Pokemon. However, there are limitations to its speed in the early stages. His STAB attack is great, but limited to water moves. Even a hidden character like a sniper – sniping does not save Soble – increases the effect of critical hits, but only applies to snipe shots.

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