Life Makeover: Super Product Fashion Game on Mobile

Life reconstruction The test was closed recently and received positive feedback from most of the players. Find out what you need to know Fashion Game Life Makeover on CH Play and App Store Please!

Life Makeover is expected to be the most popular fashion game in 2022
Life Makeover is expected to be the most popular fashion game in 2022

Life reconstruction A new fashion and role-playing game developed by Archosaur Games – the company behind famous games like Dragon King, World of Kings… Players can create characters by customizing physical attributes such as: skin color, body shape, expressions. … Of course, Life Makeover allows players to design clothes for their characters, especially to decorate their rooms and meet other people in the game. Life Makeover is open for beta testing ahead of the global launch.

Life Makeover features high quality graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4

One of the most interesting features of Life Makeover is that it is powered by Unreal Engine 4. It allows developers to detail every image in the game from fabric samples, character designs, hairstyles.

Players can choose a fabric pattern, hand stitch or embroidery and customize the design. Life Makeover allows players to display any desired scene around different models such as villas, villas, farms or residences, and even choose a house location to change the interior.

Life Makeover includes interactions with different players, pets, clothes and more. If you are looking for a fashion game with amazing visuals and the freedom to design your favorite clothes and interiors, this is the perfect game for you.

Sign up to download the trial version of Life Makeover
Sign up to download the trial version of Life Makeover

An amazing feature to change the game’s life

  • Large selection of clothes
    • There are thousands of clothing options for players to freely assemble fashionable outfits, even creating a “fever” in the fashion world.
  • Experience the romantic life with unlimited gameplay
    • Developer Life Makeover decided to allow players to customize the character as they wish. Every detail of the face can change emotions, and even reveal your own personality and desired body shape and skin tone.
  • High realism
    • Thanks to UE4, picture quality is sure to please gamers. This is easily seen from the trailer that introduces the Life Makeover game.

Today is the release date Life reconstruction It has not been announced yet. will update this information for you when the Life Makeover game is released. There is currently no Life Makeover apk, but you can register to participate in the trial to download Life Makeover on the publisher’s home page.

Update at 14:44 - 10/09/2022
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