Let’s get to the basic Pokemon game instructions

Instructions for playing Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Below will help you easily enter the game of hunting and training cute animals.

Instructions for playing Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Pokemon is a popular Japanese animation film, which resonates with the childhood of the 8x, 9x generation. And now, you can easily go back to the old days when you enjoyed exciting Pokemon games. Apart from Pokemon GO, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu is definitely a game you should not miss if you are attracted to the cute and adorable Pikachu.

If you have not started the adventure in the Pokemon game, now you will find all the interesting things here. The journey to catch Pokemon is never easy. Of course, you will face many challenges and difficulties. But if you are persistent and determined, you will get what you want.

If you don’t know where to start, read on Instructions for playing Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu For starters below. You’ll find all the information you need before embarking on an exciting adventure in the world of Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon: Come on
Pokemon: Come on Pikachu! Pokemon: Let’s go, Eevee!

Pokemon Game Guide: Here We Go

  • Catch Pokemon
  • Pokemon are easy to catch
  • Pokemon Trainer Battle
  • Play sports with friends
  • Link war and trade
  • Use bait

Catch Pokemon

On his travels around the world go pokemon, you will see wild Pokemon in the long green meadow. If you want to catch it, you have to find a way. When you touch this Pokemon, you have a chance to throw a Poké Ball. Wild Pokemon will roam around and may try to scare you, but don’t be distracted! Shake the Joy-Con at the right time to launch Poké Balls. If you’re playing on the portable version of the Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to rotate the device slightly to aim, then press the button to throw the ball. A.

Pokemon Catching Instructions: Here we go

Pokemon are easy to catch

The chance of catching a Pokemon increases depending on when and where the Poké Ball hits the target. Throwing the ball in a tight circle increases your chances of successfully catching the animal, especially if it is small. Use this circle as a guide to shoot the ball correctly. The color of the circle indicates the probability of catching a Pokemon – green is easier, red is harder.

Driving circles to help you catch animals faster

Pokemon Trainer Battle

When a Pokemon trainer, a Pokemon trainer, sees you on the field, it’s battle time. Each battle involves up to 6 Pokemon. Each Pokemon moves and tries to defeat all opponents to win.

All moves and types of Pokemon you fight affect the amount of damage. For example, Fire-type Pokemon are very effective against Grass-type Pokemon, but they don’t work against Water-type Pokemon… The game has many battles that require players to know how to choose the best Pokemon, as well as skills, using specific moves. by doing By doing, hoping to win by defeating the opponent.

Pokemon Battle Guide: Let's Go

Play sports with friends

Don’t be afraid to invite your friends to enjoy the fun Pokemon: Come on Pikachu! And Pokemon: Let’s go, Eevee! Support through the game function. Thanks to this, the two of you can explore the world together and even have a cute Pokemon by your side throughout the journey.

You can increase your chances of catching wild Pokemon by throwing a Poké Ball at the Support Trainer while playing Support Play. This action will give your team more experience points.

Support games give you an advantage in battle. You can control and command Pokemon, giving you the upper hand during battle.

Pokemon: Let's Go has a team mode

Link war and trade

Connect with other players and battle with them. Pokemon: Come on Battle has two communication functions: Local Communication, which connects two nearby Nintendo Switch consoles, and Internet Communication, which allows you to connect with remote players.

You can trade and sell Pokemon through these communication features. Trade Pokémon with friends to collect creatures you’ve never seen before and complete your Pokédex collection.

Pokemon trading game

Note, to use the online communication function in Battle and Communication, you must subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online Service.

Use bait

If you’ve ever played Pokemon Go, you must be familiar with Incense Gear, right? This is a useful tool for attracting wild Pokemon to your area for a specific period of time. And Pokemon: Come on Pikachu! And Pokemon: Come on, Eevee! There is also a similar thing, which is called Lure.

You can buy Lure at the Poké Mart or Celadon Department Store after earning 2 Gym Badges. Greed increases the number of Pokemon near you, including rare Pokemon, for a limited time.

Building a swarm of wild Pokemon along the way will get you to your next destination in no time. However, catching as many Pokemon as possible, especially in the early game, is worth it. So, you don’t have to rush to reach the end zone. Spend some time exploring the tall grass, maybe catch the desired Pokemon.

When you reach a certain level, you can get more powerful lures including Super Lure and Max Lure. Its effects last longer than conventional wisdom.

The basic way to play Pokemon above: Let’s go. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 11:00 - 11/09/2022
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