League of Legends: Renata Glass Description – Jaune’s leader

Renata Glass The new champion that will debut in the upcoming League of Legends 12.4 update. With an extremely powerful poison and the ability to use her ultimate “Imba”, Renata Glass promises to be a very hot champion when she launches. Learn about Renata Glass – Jaune’s leadership skills are set in the article below.


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League of Legends: Renata Glass Description – Jaune’s leader

Liability – Economic leverage

Renata Glas’s basic attack marks the target and deals bonus magic damage and burst and bonus magic damage to detected enemy champions from Renata’s allies.

Q – Handshake

Renata Glass shoots traps from her robotic arm and keeps enemies at bay. It reactivates the ability to launch enemies on target and deals bonus damage to enemies when it hits and stuns a champion.

W – Comfort

Renata Glass gives allies more attack and movement towards enemy champions. If an ally kills an enemy champion, this effect will reset If an ally is killed while this buff is in effect, it will recover 100% of its health, but will continue to fall and die after 3 seconds. The health drop effect can be removed if an ally kills an enemy champion before the health runs out.

E – Customer Appreciation

Renata fires volleys of glass missiles, arming allies and temporarily damaging and slowing enemies. Renata’s rocket has an impact effect and will explode at the end of flight.

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R – Compound Insanity

Renata released a cloud of toxic chemicals. Enemies hit will roar, increasing their attack speed and fearing to attack anyone nearby. Poison champions will prioritize their attack targets such as allies, enemies, and finally, Renata.

Above is Renata Glass’ “heavy” skills, especially the last one which can change the course of the battle and make the enemy team uncomfortable.

Enjoy the game and wait for Renata Glass in the next update!

Update at 10:02 - 21/08/2023
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