Latest update of Play Together

Latest update of Play Together To enjoy features available for the first time on Android and iOS will be updated continuously Latest update of Play Together when released

Latest update of Play Together

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Details of the latest Play Together update

Update Play Together

Play Together Update 1.46.0

Food recovery system

  • This system gives special effects when you eat food.
  • Eating new foods will give you various buffs including changing your appearance, jumping twice as high. It all depends on the type of food you eat.
  • Recently added food buffs to players. Details on how to get new food can be found in the New Items section.
  • The limit to the amount of food you can consume is 1. Once you have fully benefited from the food buff you cannot eat any more.
  • You can check the interface’s current buff details by tapping on the letter.

new building

  • The Korea Travel Center is coming downtown to share about Korean culture and cuisine. The Korea Travel Center is located in the current museum.
  • At Korea Travel Center, players can experience various classic buildings including Jeonbokgung Castle, Jeonjeongjeon Hall, Lake.
  • During tourism activities in Korea, you can go to the fishing lake to collect a special bag with beautiful hanbok items inside.

other changes

  • Improve the city center.
  • new success
  • The new box contains stars and gems
  • Many more new things.
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Play Together Update 1.44.0

New birthday events on Kaia Island and a dedicated place to collect your bugs. You can try new buildings and quests in KB Bukopin. Complete all events and missions to get all rewards.

Brown Bear's Birthday at Play Together


Brown’s birthday party

Brown’s birthday is 8/8. Kaia Island will hold an event to celebrate this character’s birthday. Earn BROWN Coins by chatting with BROWN and answering OX quizzes. Get coins and exchange them for special rewards. And don’t miss the special fireworks that will light up the sky over Kaia Island today!

New building – Bhani land

Add Bhani Bhumi Bhawan in the center. You can enjoy the story in Vani Land in different ways. Chat with NPCs to get quests and collect exclusive rewards in this new squid area

Glass insect jar

New things to raise insects that you can buy at the store.

New article added

  • Green house furniture for garden decoration.
  • Lots of new items on the phone – furniture store.

How to update Play Together

The Play Together update interface varies depending on the operating system. If you want to automatically update every app/game on your device, you don’t need to update manually. If not, just press the button until today Play in the Store or in the game menu.

If you get Play Together not updating error, exit and reload the game

Update at 18:26 - 12/08/2023
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