It’s all about knowing how to play Honor of Kings for beginners

honor of kings It’s a great open-world role-playing game. That’s it How to play Honor of Kings for beginners.

The honor of the game of kings

Respect the king’s game tips

  • Gameplay Honor of Kings
  • A hero in the honor of kings
  • combat system

Gameplay Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings gameplay focuses on character control, using skills to eliminate enemies and NPCs with turrets.

The more enemies you kill, the more gold and experience you get. Also, the more points, the more new skill positions you unlock for the character to use in battle. Players can use the gold they earn to purchase skins, heroes, skills, gear and equipment from the in-game store.

To win a game of the game, it is not enough to eliminate all enemies, but the player must destroy all enemy towers. Also, the most important thing if you want to win is to destroy the main building of the enemy base while protecting your main area.

How to play Honor of Kings for beginners

A hero in the honor of kings

Hero is the main character, essential in this game. The more powerful heroes you have, the more victories you get, the faster you progress. Therefore, when entering the game, it is better to know about each hero to ensure the most correct choice.

There are 6 hero classes in Honor of Kings:

  • the cistern
  • Warriors
  • the killer
  • witchcraft
  • Marksman
  • its support

Each character class has its own strengths/weaknesses, skills and abilities.

  • Tank: A character class that specializes in long range defense and attack.
  • Warrior: A warrior who specializes in attacks with full roaming power and high defense.
  • Assassin: This character class can deal heavy physical damage to enemies at all ranges, from close range to far. However, players should be careful in close combat as they are not good at defense.
  • Mage: Mage is the most popular choice among players due to her magical ability against enemies from a distance with magic.
  • Marksman: Archers are good at attacking from a distance with powerful arrows. Like the mage class, archers aren’t very good at defense.
  • Support: Acting as the name suggests, they use defensive skills to protect their partners.

Honor of Kings has different character classes

combat system

Before entering the battle, players need to know more about the battle system. The 5v5 matches in this game are interesting and engaging with beautiful moves and colorful skills. Before going into battle, players can choose the characters they want to defeat and customize them by equipping them with equipment and skills while selecting armor.

After proper preparation, the player can enter the battle. Honor of Kings has a manual combat system. This means the player must move the character in a certain direction while fighting using the player’s equipment skills.

Each character ability has a cooldown. All you have to do is try to win, defeat all the enemies.

Another interesting thing about the combat system here is that players can not only move characters in different directions, but also use the skill to target enemies from different directions.

above Things to know when starting to play Honor of Kings. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 4:17 - 10/09/2022
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