Introduction V Tips for Beginners

Identity draw It’s a very good game of survival and not easy to win. However, he understood Tips for playing Identity Draw Below, you will find it easy to start the game.

How to play Identity V for beginners

  • Chat with your colleagues
  • Use the map
  • Learn survival and hunting skills
  • Use Tide Turner
  • Body block

Chat with your colleagues

Tips for playing the Identity Draw game

A silent party means a loser. Are you in danger are there predators nearby? Where did your decoding go? Press the gray button next to the progress bar to send information to your friends. Keep in touch with your teammates quick message without using mic.

the end Settings > Game > Battles. Then click on Install button Quick fix. You get 16 different pre-set messages to send to your teammates during battle. You can exchange messages sent for better support.

Use the map

Identity drawing map

At first glance, you might think that this map means if it’s almost entirely gray. However, it is actually one of the most valuable items on the battlefield. When interacting with instant messages, you can see the direction in which the message will appear on this map

This will help you identify teammates to help or hide when you get an alert that they are nearby. Also, when a Hunter attacks a Survivor, you can also see an icon on the map indicating the direction of the battle. From there, you can easily decide to run, support or focus the cipher elsewhere.

Learn survival and hunting skills

Learn character skills in Identity Draw

Understanding character abilities is very important because each Hunter, Survivor has their own skills. Do you need to know if the character is good at using machines? Are they strong enough to hold off the Hunter?… So, take the time to learn all the characters and their individual skills to get the most out of playing Identity V.

Use Tide Turner

Identity attracts a tide turner

The final moments of the match and survival are the determining factors of your success/failure while playing Identity V. Unless you’re a very good hoverer, you can’t lose to Hunter, take Tide Turner and borrow Team Time when you need a lot of time to escape Team Turner is very useful. However, borrowing time is something experienced players wish others had on their list.

Body block

Body block on identity draw

Body Block – Use your body to block your teammates. This is a defensive move that you can use to save teammates from the Rocket Chair, then quickly run to avoid being Hunter’s next target. However, if the teammate you just saved is also stuck in that seat, it will be deleted.

If you manage to take a hit and activate the Tide Turner, run straight to your teammates and stop them from taking damage again. This is a great way to annoy a Hunter and, at the same time, win the affection of whoever you’re protecting

Here are some simple tips that can help How to play Identity Draw Simple Share what you’re up to with readers Play the Identity Draw game How!

Update at 15:20 - 10/09/2022
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