Internet Cafe Simulator 2: How to use characters and skills

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 It has a great character system and skill tree. Here’s what you need to know about using characters and skills in internet cafes Internet Cafe Simulator 2.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Game Skill System
Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Game Skill System

How to use characters and skills in Internet Cafe Simulator 2

physics Coffee
the punch – Powerful punch. the buyer – Increase customers in your online store.
Boxing – Fast punches, making enemies harder to dodge. Tip box – Everyone leaves a tip in the tip box.
Tree II – Punch is stronger than Punch. Customer II – Increase the chances of customers coming to your store.
the player – Strong baseball bat with good handling but more prone to breaking. chatty – Greet customers with a nice conversation and make them want to stay longer.
Boxing II – Stronger punches than boxing. Type Box II – Increase the customer’s tip amount to enter the box.
Five III – Fist as fast as a freight train. Chatty 2 – Greet customers with flattery, so they want to stay longer.
i am innocent – The police are less suspicious of you. the gambler – Sometimes, in the casino, you can recover your lost money.
the hammer – The fist is like a club, it leaves all the hits. Miner III – Knowledge of mining equipment greatly increases. You can now buy small appliances.
the body – Be more resistant to any incoming attacks (punches, kicks and headbutts). smile – Many customers have given positive comments.
trained – Durability – Durability is not easily removed when damaged or run over. Scarface – Reduce the number of customers who skip payments.
careless – Does not lose immunity when taking damage. former job – Thieves won’t come to your internet cafe because they know you’re there.
Innocence II – Less suspicion from the police. my – Increase knowledge of virtual currency mining tools. You can now buy many virtual currency mining tools.
Format II – Stamina is greatly reduced when taking damage or running. Laughter II – Many customers have given positive comments.
Body II – Stronger body, now you can withstand more attacks. Miner II – Significant increase in virtual currency mining knowledge. You can buy smaller items.

  • You will get upgrade points based on the number of customers in the store.
  • You should avoid the physical update and go directly to Cafe permissions. That’s because you can easily defeat thieves and runaway customers with an awl (it only costs $40). From there, you can earn more points to upgrade the cafe and increase your income.

above How to use characters and skills in Internet Cafe Simulator 2 game. Knowing them, you can easily overcome the achievements of Internet Cafe Simulator 2. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 8:52 - 11/09/2022
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