Instructions to play Lone Wolf Mod in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire finally has a 1vs1 mode called Lone Wolf. Let’s find out with How to Play Lone Wolf Mod in Free Fire Please!

New Lone Wolf Mod in Free Fire

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Everything you need to know about Lone Wolf in Free Fire

Lone wolf mod for free fire Where you can participate in duels on the Iron Cage map. This new map is a small warehouse, with many chests. Players can be found on both sides of this warehouse.

At the start of the turn, each player has 2 Glue Walls, 1 Grenade, and 2 Medkits. Both players have 10 seconds to choose the weapon they want to use. The use of equipment and character skills is similar to other free fire games. The first person to defeat the opponent in 5 rounds wins.

Tips to win Lone Wolf Mode in Free Fire

Since the Lone Wolf Mode map is small but has many obstacles, you should choose powerful close combat weapons such as Vector, MP40, M1887…

Also, if you are an experienced player, experienced in sniper shooting, the double barrel FF AWM pistol is perfect.

New map of FF OB29

Although there are many large pots and obstacles in the middle of the map, you have a place in the spawn area, which allows you to observe where enemies appear. This means that if you are not careful, you can kill the target from the beginning of the game.

You can target enemy spawn areas in Free Fire Lone Wolf

Best passive skills to play Lone Wolf in Free Fire

Free Fire OB31 will bring the Lone Wolf into ranked mode. So this path becomes more difficult. However, don’t worry! Fighting the Lone Wolf is a breeze if you know how to use the skills below.

Shirou’s damage distribution

Effects: If hit by a bullet within an 80 meter radius, your attacker will be marked (only you will see the mark). The first bullet fired at an enemy target increases armor penetration.

The key to winning Lone Wolf is choosing the right skills. If you have this skill, you can temporarily see enemy movements in Lone Wolf Rank mode. It is very important to aim ahead and defeat the opponent.

Antonio’s gangster spirit

Effects: Increases HP by 35 when phase starts.

In general, in modes like Lone Wolf or Clash Squad, Antonio’s skills are very useful. This allows you to gain more HP per round, especially important in 1 vs 1 matches if 2 players are using the same weapon with the same skill level, which wins more HP.

above Everything you need to know about 1vs1 mode – Lone Wolf in Free Fire. I hope the article is useful for you.

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Update at 18:47 - 24/08/2023
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