Instructions to play Dino Swords on PC and Phone

Dino Espada A game that was “rebuilt” from Dinosaur Games when it lost its life in the Chrome browser With a simple game, not demanding, but brings an interesting and interesting feeling; Please read the article below to know how to play Dino Swords on PC and Phone.

Instructions to play Dino Swords on PC and Phone

Instructions to play Dino Swords on PC

First go to page. On the main screen, press the button Space bar on the keyboard to start the game.

How to play the game is very simple, just press the button Space bar Use the keyboard (or mouse and left click in the game) to jump and avoid obstacles in the way. The more you play, the faster the dinosaur runs and the harder it is for you to avoid obstacles, but at the same time the more you score.

Aside from dodging, Dino Swords’ difference compared to the original dinosaur games is the ability to use weapons and items throughout the game. Specifically, you have to jump and tap randomly appearing objects to get that object.

After receiving the item, you can use that item by clicking on the corresponding shortcut of the keyboard letter shown below. Each shortcut corresponds to an object, with 26 keyboard shortcuts for up to 26 objects. These items taken have different effects and depending on the situation, use them more effectively (for example: Cross live again pistol to shoot birds, the pill to reduce running speed…)

Please play and learn all these things, it will be very interesting. If you want to play again, just press the button Space bar Click on the screen to go back or play.

Instructions for playing Dino Swords on phone

Dino Swords is also easy to play on phone. Open your phone’s browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera…) then go to the page. Press the button on the main screen the game Bottom of page to start playing.

You press the button to jump To jump on the screen and avoid obstacles and collect items that appear on the way.

To access the article, click on the article on the category screen armory. The tip here is that you have to use both hands, one hand to press the button to jumpPress to use the other hand item.

After defeating, you press the play button again at the bottom of the page to start the game again.

I want to have a relaxing time with dino sword!

Update at 9:52 - 11/09/2022
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