Instructions to optimize Windows 11 to increase FPS while gaming

Windows 11 It is an operating system platform introduced to improve the quality of games, helping players get a better and smoother experience. However, in the process of using Windows 11, you can also use some of the following tips to improve game quality, such as the number of frames per second (FPS).


Instructions to optimize Windows 11 to increase FPS while gaming

Turn off Windows Game Mode

Windows Game Mode is explained to prevent Windows Update from installing drivers and sending reboot notifications, as well as to automatically close some background applications to make the game run more smoothly. However, in reality, very few games benefit from this feature, unlike some FPS games, where it degrades performance. So it is better to turn it off.

To disable Windows 11 Game Mode, right-click Dash So choose settings -> drama -> game mode Then move the button to position off.

game mode

Stop recording what happened

Record What Happened is a background feature that lets you record videos while playing. It causes dozens or dozens of FPS drops in games and of course, you should disable it for better performance.

It has this function settings -> Play -> Capture. Switch the button to record what is happening on the line in the off position.

Record what happened

Close the Xbox Gamebar

The last part of the Games section that you need to disable is the Xbox Gamebar. It’s the default built-in Windows tool that helps you visualize the game’s system parameters, record or capture the screen… However, it’s not necessary and partially it can make your game lose some frames.

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Also go to Close Xbox Gamebar settings So choose drama and click Xbox Gamebar. On the screen that appears, press the Line button Open the Xbox Game Bar with this button on a controller In the off position.

game bar

Turn on Windows High Performance Mode

Another trick to increase FPS in games is to run your system at high performance. This feature helps the CPU processor to work at higher clock speed all the time and helps you enjoy the game more easily, especially on laptop computers.

To enable this feature, go to settings -> the way -> Power and battery. is on the line power mode Change from default balance LUST Best performance.

High efficiency

Above are some Windows 11 tips to optimize FPS while gaming. Each of these tips can help to improve the FPS a little or less, but if all of them are applied, it will definitely give good results for the players.

Hope you succeed!

Update at 7:06 - 21/08/2023
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