Instructions on how to play “A Mouthful of Dreams” in Genshin Impact

“A Sip of a Dream” Blending Experience of the Week Event Let’s find out with when this happens How to play Dream Swallow in Genshin Impact How!

Jenshin became a bartender at Impact
Jenshin became a bartender at Impact

During the Genshin Impact Bear event

The Off Drink A-Dreaming event will run from March 10, 2022 to March 21, 2022. Players will then unlock the Drink A-Dreaming: Afterword quest and complete it on March 24, 2022.

participation New Event Genshin Effect: A Dream SipThe player must be at least AR level 28 and complete several missions according to the previous story, including: “The Crane Returns to the Air” and “The Spindrift Never Returns to the Sea”.

Discover more recipes and serve customers at Genshin Impact
Discover more recipes and serve customers at Genshin Impact

Instructions for playing the One Swallow of Dreams event in Genshin Impact

After completing the Off Drink A-Dreaming quest and unlocking the Genshin Impact Drink event, players must follow these steps:

  1. He meets Luca outside the pub in Mondstad and asks where the barman is.
  2. Go to Angel’s Share to mix drinks. Luca will ask the player to make 3 cups of coffee.
  3. Learn recipes and make drinks.
  4. Prepare and pour the correct amount of drinks for customers.
  5. Experiment and discover new recipes.
  6. Meet familiar characters from Genshin Impact throughout the event.
  7. Unlock bartending challenges and try to earn enough points to get rewards.

You cannot do missions in co-op mode. However, you can share recipes with friends to quickly unlock all hidden recipes.

How to make potions in Genshin Impact

Suggest some genshin impact drink recipes


You have many ways to make coffee while sipping on the dream event. You can mix coffee with different ingredients to create a unique taste.

  • Athenaeum: 3 cafes;
  • Moonlit Alley: 1 coffee + 1 milk + 1 cocoa;
  • Golden Eden: 2 coffee + 1 milk;
  • Night of spinning stars: 1 coffee + 2 milk;
  • Pinecone Caramel: 1 coffee + 1 milk + 1 caramel;
  • Foamy Reef: 2 coffee + 1 fizzy water.

the tea

You can make tea with the same ingredients as in real life, including:

  • Scholar’s afternoon: 2 tea + 1 milk;
  • Bright crown: 1 tea + 2 milk;
  • Boreal clock: 1 tea + 1 milk + 1 mint;
  • Smile and be happy: 1 tea + 1 milk + 1 cocoa paste;
  • Tart Brilliance: 2 tea + 1 lemon;
  • Mist Garden: 3 teas;
  • Love poem: 1 tea + 1 milk + 1 candy.

fruit juice

You can make sweet or sour juice according to customer’s choice. Here are the recipes for all of Genshin Impact’s juices:

  • Gray Valley Trample: 3 Ross;
  • Sweet Cedar Lake: 1 juice + 2 milk;
  • Morning Dew: 2 juices + 1 fizzy water;
  • Tora Ni Barbatos: 1 juice + 1 fizzy water + 1 mint;
  • Snow Covered Kiss: 2 Juice + 1 Milk;
  • Birch juice: 2 juices + 1 lemon.

Genshin Impact Drink of Dreams Event Prize

This Genshin Impact event will give you many amazing rewards including a new name card. Also, you can get more primitive stones to draw the current banners of Baal and Kokomi.

All prizes at the Genshin Impact Brewing event include:

  • Primogem
  • A time of mystical growth
  • Talent book material
  • The wisdom of the hero
  • Moore
  • Weapons are tools of revolution

To get the event tag, the player must unlock all the drink recipes. Try combining different ingredients in different quantities and learn new recipes from others.

Update at 3:25 - 11/09/2022
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