Instructions for using water arrows in Genshin Impact

Ruo Thuy in Genshin Impact It is a strong and flexible bow. Let’s find out with How to use Ruo Thui in Genshin Impact Please!

The new Bo Ruo Thuy Genshin appeared in Impact 2.7
The new Bo Ruo Thuy Genshin appeared in Impact 2.7

Genshin Impact 2.7 finally brings a water bow for Yelan. It is powerful with excellent damage output. Here’s what you need to know Aqua Simulacra in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Basic information about water bows in Genshin Impact

Statistics of Ruo Thuy

At rank 1, HP increases by 16%. When an opponent is nearby, this weapon’s damage increases by 20%. Thus, Ruo Thui has a specific effect in the game when the character using it is in the affected area. This means that bow-wielding characters who deal damage during combat, such as Fishle, Yelan, will still receive a buff from this weapon.

Ruo Thu’s extra damage with Genshin Impact is great because it works with all attacks from physical, elemental, heavy, explosive to normal.

Ruo Thu's Brute Force Number Genshin Impact
Ruo Thu’s Brute Force Number Genshin Impact

At level 90, this genshin effect weapon will only deal 542 base damage, less than a normal 5-star arrow. However, it can generate a large number of losses. Players can take 88.2% shock damage at level 90. This is a huge disadvantage for enemies in weak positions.

Ruo Shui Level Up Materials in Genshin Impact

Below is a list of all materials for the water bow level in Genshin Impact. In general, you need to cultivate a lot in the Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula.

Ruo Shui Genshin influence level detailed chart
Ruo Shui Genshin influence level detailed chart

Ruo Thuy is the best character to use in Genshin Impact


Obviously, Yelan is the best Genshin Impact character to use this bow. Since Yelan’s damage is relatively weak, it is based on HP and the initial burst is designed when he is off the field. However, Ruo Thuy will change that. Its passive feature allows the player to consistently deal basic burst damage from Yelan while in melee and AoE zones.

Ruo Thu has 22% more impact damage than Thundering Pulse Bow. This makes it easy to make Yellan. Players should only focus on shock damage, HP and healing relics.

In Jensin Impact, Yelan is the character who bests Ruo Thuy.
In Jensin Impact, Yelan is the character who bests Ruo Thuy.


Tartaglia or Childer is a character that uses a melee bow, so he can still activate Ruo Thu’s skill. Even if the extra HP from this arrow is useless, the 88.2% shock damage is pretty good. If the best baby nom is not yet available, Ruo Thuy Genshin Impact is the perfect alternative.

Update at 22:03 - 10/09/2022
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