Instructions for making your own minecraft mod

How to make Minecraft modpacks How? Let’s know everything about How to make a minecraft modpack Please!

If you are tired of playing Minecraft, try Mod Minecraft. Mods are modifications that extend or change aspects of the game. The creators of these mods are players who want to include a feature in the official game. From cookies to rockets, mods change everything in Minecraft. This article will guide you to create your own Minecraft mod to play your way.

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Mccreator mod generator download

Mcreator has been named the best free Minecraft mod generator.

Download Mccreator

Download the version of Mcreator that matches your current version of Minecraft. This installer supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Then run the installation file, it may take some time depending on your computer and internet speed.

Once set up, Mcreator will ask if you want to sign in with your Pylo account. Continue and press if available to jump Otherwise

The screen you’re looking at is Mcreator’s main menu. Users can import or export current settings, install mods created by others, or create their own mods.

Instructions for making Minecraft mods play your way

In this case, This will guide you to produce Super Diamond Ore, which will produce more diamonds if mined instead of normal.

To start, you need a texture for your new block, decide what your block will look like, stone, wood or custom.

From the top of the main menu, select Tools > Create Item/Texture Block to open Texture creator. Here you can create your own textures based on existing Minecraft art.

Texture Builder has 4 controls layerWhich allows you to choose art and color and mix them to create your own final texture.

saving Offer1 yesterdayThe remaining layer controls have the same 3 parameters from left to right:

  1. Artwork selector: Use the drop-down menu or pop-up interface to select an industry.
  2. Color picker: Select 3 points to select the color of this layer.
  3. Lock Saturation and Brightness: Limit the brightness of the layer color.

When the design is complete, select it Use it now Basically, then Block For texture type. like saving Return to page work place. This page now displays your textures.

From the tab menu work placelike Material mode. You will build your mod using the framework you created earlier.

Select the button New material mode Top left (big plus sign).

leaf New material mode It looks complicated, but it’s easy to use.

in Name of the element, enter a unique name. This name is not displayed in Minecraft, but is used as an identifier in MCreator and Minecraft code.

For Material Type, you can select a new material type. If you mine a super diamond, the default is Block. If you are creating another mode such as command or tool, select the appropriate item.

like ok Return to page the texture. Here you can assign your created block textures, as well as configure transparency and block size.

Keep to the left Block texture. 6 squares represent each face of the block. You can use each face with a different structure (click on each square and then select the structure you want. ok) However, for simplicity, I used the same 6 face 1 texture, select the end.

This next screen contains several settings. let’s start The name of the GUI (This is the name of the repository block, any name is fine, but please keep it for easy identification).

If you don’t know that setting, tap the question mark next to the name to see details

Leave another block while digging to create this block, check the box next to it It is illegible. by That drop blockClick the small triangle to download Block/item selector. Use this menu to find and select the block you want to drop.

Finally, change Drop the amount from the appropriate number. Since we want more diamonds, 10 is better.

like the end go Particle parameters. This is where you change the block animation.

Leave the settings as they are Block inventory Default and select the end. leaf the way This block allows you to customize what happens when each event occurs. This mode is not required, select it the end.

Finally, the leaves Block spawning/generation property Allows configuration of when, where and how often new blocks are created. If your mod block salt is created in the game, select it Make the whole world.

There are other settings that you can keep default or tweak to make your block better.

Export your Minecraft mods

Once you’ve created your mod, you need to export it to use it. bottom left Workspace toolbarSelect the button Export workspace to mod file. This will package your mod into its own package, ready to be imported into Minecraft. If you create more than 1 block, all blocks will be visible in your mod.

disapproval: Switch to another workspace from the main menu if you want to work in different ways at the same time.

Mode menu Provides wrap options for detail mode. You can enter name, version, description, manufacturer details, upload images if you want. The most important thing is file extensionKeep the default option .JAR.

When done, select it Compile and export To pack your mod. Completion time depends on computer and number of changes.

Users must accept the terms of use, but after compiling, choose a location on the file system to save your mod.

Import Mods into Minecraft using Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge

Now that your mod is complete, all that’s left to do is import it into Minecraft. To install Minecraft mods, you need to install Minecraft Forge. Forge provides an easy and fast way to install custom Minecraft mods.

From the Forge home page, download the installer that matches your operating system and version of Minecraft. Run that installer. If prompted, select it Install the client.

Minecraft Forge

Once installed, open or restart Minecraft. From the Minecraft Launcher, press the up arrow button to the right of the play button below. Select Forge. This action will load Minecraft with Forge. So, you have to do this every time you want to use the mod you created.

Whereas in Minecraft, things are different than running in the Forge. Below is some additional text with buttons mode.

like mode And see my mod is not showing up. Users need to install mods in Forge/Minecraft. The way to do this is to copy and paste your mod into the folder mode in minecraft.

  • On Windows: AppData/.minecraft/
  • Mackie: Library/Application Support/Minecraft/

You will need to restart Minecraft if you paste the mod while it is running. Go to menu mode And you will see your mod displayed with full description, title, image and creator information.

So Super Diamond Ore was created. You can create many other mods in the same way. Is it easy?

Create Minecraft PE Mods Or a great way to make the game more varied and interesting on other platforms. And everything will be more interesting if you create your desired mode. you see How to make a minecraft mod It’s not that hard, is it?

Some simple Minecraft mods that kids can make themselves

  • Resource Tools Mod: Unique tools that can be used to automate important tasks in the game. With this resource-rich tool, players can get the hardest tools without having to buy expensive items like Diamond Picks.
  • RpgZ Mod: This mod implements a new item selection system inspired by today’s popular RPG games After defeating the enemy entity, you will be rewarded with many items.
  • Big Ender Eye: This mod adds big Ender eyes, which look very interesting. It helps you find many types of buildings in this world
  • Iron Chest Mod: This Minecraft mod adds a series of new chests to the Iron Chest. All are better than regular inventory because they have a larger capacity and can be placed next to each other.
  • This mod of rocks: This mod adds small branches, small stones and random pine cones, which make the environment of Minecraft more interesting by creating a realistic environment.
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