Instructions for creating games with Roblox Studio for beginners

How to make Roblox games Don’t be too hard let us know at How to program Roblox to make games How!

How to Make a Roblox Game

Roblox is a vibrant gaming community with many great user-created games. The appeal of Roblox lies not only in its rich game system, but also in the way users learn how to play Create a complete game

That’s right, you can create Roblox games without the need for deep programming knowledge because Roblox will guide you through each step in detail. And Roblox Studio is where you start creating your first game.

How to use Roblox Studio to create games

  • What is Roblox Studio?
  • How to make Roblox games
    • Create a Roblox account
    • Install Roblox Studio
    • Dash
    • Check out the Roblox game samples
    • Structure construction
    • Script writing and programming

What is Roblox Studio?

Roblox Studio is Roblox’s game development and programming tool. It helps you create the places and games you love Roblox Studio gives programming enthusiasts a more complete and deeper set of tools, allowing them to express their creativity and gain more control over their content.

Roblox Studio offers a variety of useful features that can be used by both new and experienced programmers. Tools range from simple object or terrain manipulation to entering complex scripts and game functions. Studio allows you to test games in a different environment before uploading them to Roblox Web

Create a Roblox account

How to make Roblox games

Create a Roblox account

If you want to create a Roblox game, creating an account is your first step.

Start by opening in your browser and create a character by filling in the following information:

  • birthday: Select your birth month, day and year. It is best to enter your correct date of birth as some feature restrictions, such as messaging, may be adjusted based on age.
  • Username: Here you need to create your username or character name for others to know. Do not use your real name. It is a virtual world and you can give it a desired nickname.
  • password: Set the password you want when accessing the web. Think carefully, don’t put easy guessed passwords like 123456, Password123…

Then click registration.

Install Roblox Studio

After creating an account, you will automatically be logged into Roblox and you can immediately download and install Roblox Studio.

  1. click the creation at the top of the screen.
  2. After the page loads, click Start creating.
  3. You will see a message Download the studio. Click on it.
  4. When the download is complete, open it, run the program and log in to Roblox.


You should know how to use the Roblox platform before starting your first project (the Roblox wiki is a great resource). So start unleashing your imagination and creativity in Roblox Studio. At first glance, Roblox Studio looks complicated, but once you get used to it, you’ll love it.

like File > New To start the game, you will see a window like this:

Instructions for creating games using Roblox Studio

Pay attention to the dashboard explore And property located on the right. They are very useful, so it’s a good idea to pin them to the main Activity interface.The Properties tab allows you to edit all the properties of each block and template.

After that, you can focus on exploring the interface, read the user manual information available on the Roblox wiki to understand how Roblox Studio works.

Check out the Roblox game samples

If you’re new to Roblox Studio, you’ll need to learn or refer to some of the games that are built on this platform. Here are some examples:

survival game

Natural Disaster Survival is a game where 20 players struggle to survive a series of natural disasters. The safe zone will gradually decrease, so you need to act fast and smart to hope to win soon.

A survival game on Roblox

hide and seek

Games like hide and seek have gameplay similar to real life hide and seek in which the participating players have to search for hidden places in every corner of that world and find them before the time.

simulation game

This is one of the most popular games on Roblox. The goal of the simulation game is to open any type of store (park, restaurant, etc.) and then try to develop a successful business.

Structure construction

Building is the most important part of creating and launching your own game. If you’ve ever played minecraft, you’ll know how to make robux easier than others.

Roblox Studio It allows you to create everything: houses, trees, cars… The creative possibilities here are almost endless. Everything is limited only by your imagination. Let’s start by simply creating a tree. This example will show how easy it is to turn simple blocks into animated objects.

Step 1: Select block as trunk by clicking Part > Block. A rectangular brick will appear.

Select Part to start designing the game in Roblox Studio

Step 2: Click on that block, then press the stairs To change bricks into a square. Click on the red ball and drag to increase the height.

Edit the model in Roblox Studio

Step 3: Adjust the height of the block by clicking and dragging the green ball.

Adjust block height in Roblox Studio

Step 4: While using the tool the part To create a sphere, the stairs If you grow a tree the same size.

Create orbs in Roblox Studio

Step 5: Use to move To move the sphere to the top of the tree.

Completing the tree created with Roblox Studio

Sounds boring, right? Don’t worry about it Roblox StudioYou can change the texture, color of the object as you wish through the toolkit Color and materials.

Roblox Studio Toolbar

Click to change stem color Part > Color. To change the texture, click Materials > Wood. Repeat this with the sphere, but select the grass element.

As you play, you will see that the ball on the tree can be hit by other players. To avoid, select the orbs, then click the button again You can do the same with the tree to close it, if you want to make sure the tree doesn’t get hurt.

Script writing and programming

You’ve worked hard, finished designing a beautiful game map to publish, it looks great, but it doesn’t work because you don’t have a platform to enable it. When it comes to Roblox, scripts will do their job. You can move objects, control games and make amazing things happen

Roblox Studio offers many resources to help users write scripts. First, please take the time to read the instructions on the Roblox Wiki as it is the official source of information created and edited by the developers themselves. Here you’ll find a series of easy-to-understand instructions for working with Lua by Roblox.

If you find it complicated at first, don’t worry, because Roblux Lua has proven to be a lightweight and easy-to-learn scripting language for Roblox products created by thousands of users around the world. Do a little research, you will see everything is easy.

Suggest some useful tools when making Roblox games

  • fake: Allows designers to create duplicates of objects they want to use repeatedly. This is especially useful in different model layers
  • Dispersion area: This is a location that a player will see when entering the world for the first time or dying in the game. Here, you can design the main content, add colors and create more attractive images for the game.
  • control point: This can be a respawn point or a stage of any level.

Improve Roblox game visuals

You can use the Toolbox menu to select objects and skyboxes from the stock of available assets. You can get everything from trees to people to decorate the new game. If the toolbox is not visible, click the icon Hop Dong Ku in enter.

After opening the toolbox, you can enter keywords in the search bar and press enter to search for items. Then click on the item you want and it will appear in the game. Later, you can modify flat obstacles in the same way.

If you want to sort categories, you can do so via the Edit tab on the toolbar. Select the part you want to change the image. Click the arrow below the component title and select the component you want. To change the color you can do the same thing from the color menu. Roblox Studio supports adding text at the end of the game to thank everyone for playing.

The last step is to release the game File > Save as Roblox and click Create new games… Here, you have to describe the game, the name and everyone knows what it means. After you edit and add the required information, click the creation And your game is live on Roblox.

What to do after creating a Roblox game

Now that you know all the tools you need to create your first Roblox game, if you want to keep improving your skills, practice hard until you master it. The more time you spend in Roblox Studio, the faster and better you’ll be able to design games.

If you want to make more advanced games, you need to learn programming language: Lua. It is very easy to learn. You can master the basics after a few days of practice. Lua will help you create almost any genre of game you want.

If you are a beginner game designer Roblox Studio It’s a good starting point because it has a relatively easy to understand writing language, a professional editor, and a great Roblox community that’s always ready to help you if you need it. Is it beautiful? let’s go Download Roblox Design your own favorite games instantly.

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