Instructions for building a team to play the fully accurate war simulator

Fully accurate war simulator A fun action game about historical battles. Win a fully accurate war simulatorYou need to know how to form the right battle.

Soldier game is a completely accurate war simulator

Instructions for building a team in a fully accurate war simulator

  • The whole phalanx
  • Half a phalanx
  • Phalanx archers
  • pike and shot
  • Half pike and shot

The whole phalanx

Complete phalanx line

The whole phalanx might be one of the first things that comes to mind when you hear about “wood” in games. Fully accurate war simulator. This formation has a total setup cost of 4400, uses Shield Bearer and Sarissa, and consists of 40 minions.

The complete phalanx consists of 4 layers, each layer 10 units long. Level with a shield, then a spear and a soldier with a spear, comes with a shield. Everyone has close relationships.

  • Strength: Full phalanx mounts make good assault squads, such as archers, thanks to their strong shields and can easily deal with small numbers of melee units.
  • Weaknesses: Crowd control is difficult due to narrow lines. Blockade weapons can kill many minions with each hit, and strong AoE teams like Mammoth or Reaper can easily spread out in this formation. Also, musketeers’ shots will penetrate shields and knock out some minions in this formation.

Half a phalanx

Half a phalanx lineup

A smaller version of Full Phalanx, with a total cost of 2200 has 20 minions. The formation is simply a layer of 10 shield troops, then 10 spears.

  • Strength: Like a full phalanx, but less crowd controlled. Low cost makes installation easy.
  • Weaknesses: Like a full phalanx, but weak against stronger units due to the small number of minions. This only happens when you can’t carry an entire phalanx due to troop or cost constraints.
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Phalanx archers

Line up phalanx archers in a fully accurate battle simulator

A variant of the full phalanx with the back row replaced by an archer and a small space added between the 2nd and 3rd rows. Fully built like the Phalanx, but costs a bit more. First and second levels remain the same, so there is a 1 level gap, with an archer class followed by a shield soldier class.

  • Strength: Like Full Phalanx, it has good ranged firepower to take out enemy units and melee units without shields.
  • Weaknesses: Sarissas are weak in close combat due to their numbers being halved.

pike and shot

Attack and shoot in a fully accurate war simulator

A two-tier formation with relatively small troops but high strength. Includes only Renaissance soldiers. This formation consists of a tier of 10 halberds in front of 10 men.

  • Strength: Muskets will shoot through enemy shields and ranged combat units, while shotguns will take out weaker units without much trouble.
  • Weaknesses: Shadow Walkers can disrupt both types of troops. A high thrust force can overwhelm the halberd, especially if spread out so that the musket can hit a small target at once.

Half pike and shot

Battle simulator fully accurate half stop and gun line

A smaller version of the halberd and rifle formation, the halberd and musketeer parts remain the same.

This formation consists of a class of 10 musketeers, 5 standing behind a halberd.

  • Strength: Like halberd and rifle training.
  • Weaknesses: Similar in structure to halberds and rifles, but more vulnerable to attack.

Here are some pros and cons How to build a team in a completely accurate war simulator game. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 15:11 - 12/08/2023
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