Imagination Tower: All passwords and discovery points

Decode puzzles and passwords in Tower of Fantasy It can be very difficult and time consuming. However, don’t worry, the following article will help you.

Synthesize passwords to unlock doors and devices in Tower of Fantasy
Synthesize passwords to unlock doors and devices in Tower of Fantasy

Fantasy Tower Genshin is Impact’s biggest competitor right now. The game’s open world map features many unique mechanics and brain “hacking” puzzles. Even if you know the answer yourself, knowing the correct password will save you a lot of time.

So, will summarize all the correct locations and passwords for electronic locks, deconstruction devices and exploration points in Tower of Fantasy for you.

Lock electronics and device deconstruction unlock password

Players can solve all passwords at once without wasting time again.

towards coordinates Device type The password is correct
Shelter HT201 85.0, 967.0 Electronic lock 1647
the light 788.0, 670.0 Electronic lock 1024
the light 734.0, 849.0 Deconstruction Device – PDC2 7268
Seaforth Dock 515.0, 768.5 Electronic lock 3594
Miners’ camp 376.6, 245.3 Deconstruction Device – PDC1 4753
In the north is the Seventh Day Forest -536.8, -448.9 Electronic lock 2202
the ship -757.8, -569.9 signal station 5972
the ship -645.1, -849.1 Password memory puzzle 3344
Arniel’s Castle 380.7, -832.5 Deconstruction Device – PDW1 8521
Secret Aida Base Dawn Frontier 651.1, -1242.8 Code – The door is locked 7092

How to complete discovery points in Tower of Fantasy

Fantasy Tower There are 5 different items in the Discovery Points of Tower of Fantasy. Two of them require a fire elemental weapon. You can get one if you play the main story missions.

Things to do in Chowbachcha


To deal with Chouchous, simply select a nearby water elemental core and throw it at the flower. It eats the core and throws something away, usually a yellow or black core.

Things to do at the Tar Pits

Tar paints

Players can clear these plastic wells if they have a weapon When attached they begin to melt and you can access what’s inside – usually a black or gold core

What is a dandelion thing?


The player can go to the Dandelion discovery point to drop these seeds. If you look closely, the floating particles have a dark nucleus. Try to shoot or hit the air to go up.

What are Glowshrooms items?


Glowshroom is the most challenging location to discover. When giant green mushrooms come, they emit purple particles and that’s it. All you have to do is in the right order.

To be done with kerosene

Kerosnia is the name of the strange red bowls that are active and found at checkpoints. All you have to do to get oil stuff is burn it. After firing, wait a few seconds and contact the object!

above Solve all passwords and puzzles in Tower of Phantasmy I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 12:15 - 10/09/2022
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