I Am Fish: List and meaning of all achievements in I Am Fish game

i am fish An exciting and unique action-adventure game in the role of a fish. i am fish There are interesting achievements that you will definitely want to conquer them.

There are many interesting achievements to beat I Am Fish game and play it easily
There are many interesting achievements to beat I Am Fish game and play it easily

If you like the cartoon Finding Nemo, you will definitely be familiar with the content of the game i am fish. The goal of the game is to find a way to help them reunite with their friends in the sea after being separated from the fish shop.

One of the best parts of playing I Am Fish is the achievements. I Am Fish had a total of 29 hits, 8 of which were unknown. Below is a list of achievements and what I mean by fish.

I fish achievement list

success great Score at Gamerscore
The adventure begins First step to freedom. ten
A bit of trouble Curse of the circular prison! ten
Send a sign Take the goldfish to the sea. ten
Rolling home! Take the fat fish to the sea. 40
Chomping all the way! Take the piranha to the sea. 40
Rise to victory! Fish are flying in the sea. 40
Together! Get together with 4 fish friends. 40
But you are very close! Don’t give up. You almost reached your goal. 20
Free! The last! Bring all the fish back to the sea… with other friends! 50
Where no fish had gone before Find your place among the stars. the secret 40
Splash down

Totally secret mission. the secret

You are a starfish! Get a 5 star review for each level 30
Here’s the good stuff Find the first bread to collect. ten
Practically a loaf! Find all the bread you can get to a level. 30
Completing the Constellation Get 5 stars in each level. 50
More bread than fish Collect each piece of cake. the secret 50
Do you think this game is easy? Complete the game in Iron Fish mode using standard Bossa controls. 40
I am an iron fish Complete the game in Iron Fish mode. 100
wrong urination Not the most exciting escape. 20
It is a guardian Battle the fisherman for more than 40 seconds. 30
What do you expect to happen? Remove the bathtub. the secret ten
Kissing on the tarmac Jump too fast. the secret 30
Sturgeon is excited Escape from Nigel in less than 3 minutes. 40
Quiet as a fish Avoid the attention of seagulls in the steam forest. 40
Emergency evacuation Get Greg to the bathroom in less than 3 minutes. 30
Yes. It’s good. Psycho. Destroy all the fish tanks in the aquarium. the secret 20
Hammer sandwich It’s weird but it works great. the secret 20
mysterious accident Explore the ruins of the lost world. the secret 40
You fish! Get all achievements. 50

All of the above mean achievement i play fish. I hope the article is useful for you! If you are new to the game experience, check out the tips for playing I Am Fish at download.vn.

Update at 12:24 - 11/09/2022
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