Huyen Vu server gift code opening Cuu Long Tranh Ba

Kowloon or its painting It is a PC role-playing game that has been on the market for a long time, but still has a large and even growing number of players. The proof is that NPH launched a new Huyen Vu server. The following article gives you gift codes from NPH Cuu Long Tranh Ba on the occasion of Huyen Vu server opening.

Kowloon or its painting

Download Kowloon Painting

Huyen Vu server gift code opening Cuu Long Tranh Ba

Note: Each gift code will give player experience 5 times x5 characters.

Below table contains summary of gift codes to open Cuu Long Tranh Ba Huyen Vu server, you can use them.

3C6F-DAAD-64FA-42D2 A38E-38CF-E6FC-40E7 E15A-AD19-3E78-4A77
8449-FAF8-F3E5-42CB B96E-2028-829A-4B00 01AD-89DB-2619-428F
BB69-A7EF-A25F-412C 9D8A-D9BC-D65F-41C6 45B7-FB9B-B652-45B3
D15D-3428-4974-46E9 71F2-0FF7-758C-4E94 1A2A-895E-49A8-482E
C0C2-95A1-36EB-4BEE 1782-DD6C-E3BC-40A3 656C-31BD-13B9-4156
8276-FA1E-0E2B-4BCB AADB-3558-DA6D-4A97 327B-336C-DCD5-49D2
FFB8-3F43-5040-47BB 2169-7688-6598-440F 3655-D048-D86D-453D
47C7-4D22-F8D8-458F FBD2-DD31-662D-487D B285-1EF7-F6E8-46AF
4C22-A289-F8FA-42F3 2F23-72F0-135C-4BAF EF00-7F70-4233-4C42
F2BF-6E78-0049-4C7B 61B1-8FDC-53BE-4A49 F9EA-7D52-551E-4F9C
1894-9719-12AC-48C4 13D5-06BD-162C-4BA0 239D-B86C-5A7C-4B17
9BAA-0C04-78FF-46E8 C2FF-675D-9F8C-4313 05AF-D1D5-496E-46FD
8C36-C402-3AC3-49BC 31D3-2E0B-0ACE-430B 732C-4932-0B8F-45B1
137C-9501-E5AC-432B EECB-4D05-683C-40DC A448-6BE5-4503-4084
F5EA-9E7B-D310-4A91 0DE3-F500-37C6-4330 37C3-CA3A-2C80-40B4
2EB5-3BC8-7C41-4798 C806-2E89-2414-4DB5 221B-109F-652C-4FF2
1680-F448-E856-4623 1765-72E1-5445-4018 2A17-3DA0-4259-4BAE
6CC6-51A0-E4B3-487C F9F5-8CF8-CE61-49F0 34EB-22E2-B0B8-4F67
497C-39B7-C3DD-4B2E C1F5-F5D6-E483-4D97 B4F1-772E-250C-4524
3BDD-0083-4751-4185 2887-7664-2E9C-42E8 2713-FC79-CE32-49B4
7E34-731D-0D83-4FBD 5773-B927-E0B5-47CA 2150-D7D8-3719-429B
AFE9-C84F-E022-4792 30C5-18D3-A083-4855 4223-693B-3EE2-46D9
81F3-4D76-132C-4837 A198-A04C-560C-415D 7917-DDB3-4001-4989
7529-E907-4DC8-4652 7248-7760-FDC6-46E8 375D-30DA-8BC4-4160
E5A8-52A2-083A-4BF3 7392-E5BC-961D-479A C59B-E348-11C9-4399
1B5E-E6B7-256D-44F4 5115-2CB5-1874-44F3 062E-9AE7-74F2-42E0
CDE0-B941-480A-47B3 4531-93B3-3013-4505 6B72-BB08-5B7D-45D9
858C-2A96-A186-4734 38BB-C548-AB15-4C33 DE80-E299-FDD2-40D9
CCF9-B0F6-BDEF-45C7 2A3D-B0AA-3BBC-4954 6061-47AB-07FC-4543
84DB-B683-5FAD-4786 F151-B4CC-EF9A-4362 1B5E-788A-00D0-454A
A84A-BD5A-59E6-443F F4C6-0A16-F09B-4A2E E4D4-3FFE-4F1D-4C4A
3F3A-D793-A6E4-4100 75EA-C46D-7358-4964 E015-4AFF-52DB-425C
51A4-5345-858C-4AA2 9FE7-13CD-C73E-4AD2 3D4E-6144-E27B-439B

To enter the Cuu Long Tranh Ba code, follow these steps:

  • Click on the main screen of the game Ky Tran Cac
  • Select the next item gift card above
  • Enter the game gift code in the empty box, then press the button Use it now.

After entering the code successfully, please login What is Tran Tieu Division? Get a reward.

Hope you succeed!

Update at 12:38 - 11/09/2022
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