How to upgrade and withdraw equipment in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Player They can improve some part of their equipment. That’s it How to upgrade and withdraw equipment in Diablo Immortal.

A scene from the game Diablo Immortal
A scene from the game Diablo Immortal

The real truth when you play immortal devil, you will have the opportunity to collect many weapons, armor and other equipment. The functionality of the tool and how players interact with it has changed in the Diablo series over the past 25 years. Players can now do more than just sell gear or earned items. On the other hand, immortal devil There are also options to save unwanted equipment and use collected scraps to upgrade the most powerful items owned.

However, restoring and upgrading are not something the player can do at the beginning of the game. In Diablo Immortal you need to unlock these two parts first. That being said, you have to play a bit, then have the equipment to recover, which means killing the enemy first.

Having the option to change gear stats was an important step in the Diablo series, and Diablo Mobile continues that. Thanks to this, players can make simple things more powerful. Therefore, try to find tool parts with the best stats instead of complete items.

Unlock upgrades and recall equipment in Diablo Immortal

Upgrading equipment in Diablo Immortal isn't difficult

The equipment will be upgraded and returned to the Diablo Immortal’s Sanctuary World Blacksmith Workshop. To do this, the player needs to progress a bit in the game and find a blacksmith.

The first blacksmith players will encounter is Coring when they arrive in Wortham. After completing the Diablo Immortal story quest requirements, the player will unlock the Recall feature, which they can do by chatting with Coring. In the beginning, players should have equipment with the best possible stats, then, if they find something better, they can exchange pieces. Of course, you will get unwanted pieces later.

When they reach the Guard’s Watch through the main quest, they find Paulie, another steel unlocking upgrade. Captain Azmir inside the camp. This character will give the player unique equipment that can be upgraded at will. Players need parts and gold for this job.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing tools in Diablo Immortal:

  • The type of element returned depends on the value of the object.
  • The value of the material is determined when the item is dropped, not when it is picked up.

This means that players can’t get low-level items, if you want a lot of quality materials from healing, wait until it’s high-level.

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