How to unlock and defeat Electro Regisvine in Genshin Impact

Electro Regisvine Regisvine’s new boss in Sumeru in Genshin Impact. That’s it The best position and formation to defeat Electro Regisvine is to play Genshin Impact.

Location of Electro Regisvine in Genshin Impact

Electro Regisvine’s lair is located in the southern part of Matiyama Forest. It is located in a cave below a transit point. So, you can open this teleportation point to make it easier to reach his joint. Next, go and fight the boss.

Electro resistive conditions in genshin impact

After defeating this boss, you must use 40 original resins to get the reward. This boss drops Electro Regisvine which has many rare materials and relics that level and buff characters, especially the Lightning type. Here are some of the rewards you get after defeating this boss:

  • Adventure and Companionship XP;
  • mulberry;
  • Other Articles in the Thunder Amethyst Series;
  • Thunderclap Fruitcore;
  • Random Relics: Gladiator, Exile, Trooper and Trainer.

The amount and value of the reward depends on the level of the enemy. The more dangerous the boss, the better the reward.

You have to beat this boss to get a drop from him

How to beat Electro Regisvine

Like other patrons of the Regisvine series, Electro Regisvine is a large flower with roots. Therefore, it cannot work. But this monster is still a dangerous enemy. You need a strong team of good characters to fight.

Chief DPS

Defeating Electro Regisvine with Genshin Impact should be a massive damage to the team’s main DPS to break the base of the flower as it grows for a short time. The 5-star character Dendro Tighnari is also an interesting choice as the enemy’s element can react with the character’s element to make a deadly attack. Also, you can choose the following character for the role of DPS in the team:

  • Ayaka and Ganu for the ice type line.
  • Hu Tao, Yoimiya and Yanfei for the overload line.
  • Yelan is the perfect off-court choice for training loads.

Yellan at Genshin Impact

You can use 2 main DPS characters on a team, 1 DPS on the field and 1 if you can do it. In addition, its components must be able to deal with more basic damage.

More DPS

In addition to a strong DPS, you need a flexible secondary DPS to increase the damage of the entire team. These characters also contribute greatly to the goal of finishing the enemy quickly.

  • Venti and Kazuha are good secondary DPS for any lane.
  • Kaeya and Rosaria can support ice-based DPS with elemental resonance.
  • Genshin Impact’s best side DPS is Xingqiu.

Kazuha is a good secondary DPS in any lane

its support

After all, a good supporting character is a necessary “piece” of a strong team. These characters can boost DPS both on and off the field.

  • Barbara and Kokomi can shower heads to create different reactions and heal the entire party.
  • Deona and Quickie are two perfect off-field supports.
  • Sayu is another good healer.

Based on the collection of characters, you can create a powerful team that creates the most effective response possible.

Update at 10:20 - 10/09/2022
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