How to Synthesize Gift Codes and Cosmic Warrior Codes

space warrior A very interesting turn-based casual game based on the familiar theme of Dragon Ball. The next article will give an overview of gift codes and how to enter Cosmic Warrior codes for gamers.

space warrior

How to Synthesize Gift Codes and Cosmic Warrior Codes

Giftcode Space Warrior

Server code is shared

  • BDK4R2SZ5R
  • CELL7U988J0E
  • VegetaSP2AMN90131

Also, follow the game’s fanpage to get more event codes.

  • Universe Warrior Fanpage:

How To Write Cosmic Warrior Code

Currently, the game is not officially released, so you cannot enter the code and get rewards in the game. However, when the game is officially launched, the game will be displayed on the menu panel of the website Then select game Universe Warriors, select server, character and enter above code to get reward.

Hope you succeed!

Update at 12:48 - 11/09/2022
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