How to Shoot Headshots in Free Fire

How to Shoot Headshots in Free Fire How important, it contributes to your victory. Here are suggestions The way he shot FF in the head Accurate but very easy to follow.

How to Shoot Headshots in Free Fire

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Survival shooting is one of the most popular game genres in the world today. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a good game in this genre so that you can enjoy your free time. In Vietnam, besides PUBG Mobile, Free Fire is the game with the highest number of players.

Free Fire is published by Garena. The game has an interesting Battle Royale game mode. Players will be dropped on a foreign island and forced to find a way to survive in a harsh environment, full of traps and enemies that can appear everywhere. It is a real life and death conflict as only one will survive in the end. The circle or safe zone gradually shrinks, so players must be flexible in strategy.

One of the highlights of Free Fire is the variety of weapon systems. This is the main way for players to survive. Therefore, mastering game shooting techniques, especially headshots, is very important. Let’s find out with How to shoot Heatshot in FF How!

How to Shoot Headshots in Garena Free Fire

Most weapons deal additional shock damage with free fire when a headshot hits an enemy. For high-damage weapons like sniper rifles or shotguns, you can instantly shoot enemies at full HP.

Overall, killing enemies instantly with headshots is a fun experience in Free Fire. If you want to be a professional gamer or streamer, this is a way to show off your awesome skills.

Here are some tips for shooting FF headshots

Adjust the sensitivity settings

Free fire game sensitivity settings

Here are the sensitivity settings recommended by Total Gaming, one of the best free fire gamers. If you adjust the settings as shown below, you can shoot the title more effectively.

  • Total: 47
  • Red Points: 50
  • 2x range: 82
  • 4x range: 86
  • AWM Target: 0

You can check for detailed instructions on how to set the best sensitivity for taking headshots in Free Fire.

Customizable HUD (In-Game Controls)

HUD in Free Fire

For free fire players you don’t need to change the initial layout settings because it will mess up the game and you will easily get confused when it starts. The Basic setting is usually best suited for players who typically use 3 to 4 fingers to control. The joystick and fire buttons are usually in the easiest position to touch. Thanks to them, it is easy for you to control the game Free Fire.

Understand the use of weapons

Understand the weapons used in Free Fire

It is important that you are familiar with the weapon being used or at least its range. For example, you shouldn’t run into the open with the MP40 because it’s hard to counterattack with its short range.

To make FF headshots easier, avoid high recoil weapons like the AK or AN94. The center of the gun moves every time you shoot, and adjusting it to shoot headshots along the way is something only professional players can do.

Recommend some of the best free gun apps for shooting headshots


AWM is probably the best sniper rifle in free fire. Although the damage rating is similar to other guns in its class, it has increased damage when firing headshots. You can kill a target with a single bullet, regardless of the helmet they are wearing. This gun has extremely long range and accuracy.

It’s only weakness is that it has a low rate of fire and is quite heavy so you don’t have to keep shooting.

Vector (Akimbo)

The first akimbo weapon in Vector Free Fire. It has a short range but impressive destruction in close combat. Even with the stat drops in previous patches, Vector or Akimbo is still very powerful for headshots. With a fire rate of 81, it is slightly slower than the second fastest free fire weapon, the MP40.

Free fire M4A1 pistol


The M4A1 is a long range AR. With excellent accuracy and the ability to equip all accessories, the M4A1 is the best FF gun to fight in the last round. If you are new to free fire, you should use the M4A1 to easily shoot headshots.

Weapons included

Grip and Foregrip

Free fire gun handle

To shoot headshots more effectively in free fire, you need to reduce the weapon’s recoil by equipping the handle and muzzle. With recoil at maximum level for both accessory rifles, recoil is halved after each shot.

Not all free fire guns can be equipped with attachments. However, if you find a good pair of accessories that won’t work with your current weapon, you’ll need to replace them with a gun that can fit. A mask is also useful for increasing weapon size.

Equipped with a viewfinder – scope

Free fire gun aim

In battle royale games like Free Fire, encounters often take place at medium to long ranges. This is why range is so important for landing headshots with almost any ranged weapon without a built-in scope, especially free fire guns. All assault rifles require a 4x scope, while SMGs only require a 2x scope.

Try to catch enemies outside the safe zone

Enemy shot timing is very important when taking headshots, especially when using sniper rifles. So target enemies who aren’t in a safe zone or have enough time to fully focus.

Climb to higher ground

It is better to go to a place that covers a large area. Try to eliminate or remove obstacles to increase the accuracy of your weapon.

Note carefully

Scout around with the scope and aim carefully, shooting only if you’re sure you’ll hit the head. Note that it’s not a good idea to shoot immediately if you see an enemy in the distance.

Try to get a headshot free fire

per Head taken ff At its simplest, the player can shoot the body by dragging the finger up while shooting. At that point, you’ll hit the center of the shot a bit, making it easier to hit the gun in the opponent’s head. This technique ensures that you can deal damage even if you fail to kill the target. To master this technique, you need to spend some time practicing.

Here’s what you need to know How to Shoot Headshots in Free Fire. Please share with readers other effective headshot tips you know!

Update at 6:37 - 24/11/2022
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