How to Share and Publish Roblox Games

Roblox The world’s most popular game and development platform. work Share and publish Roblox games It’s not difficult. Let’s find out together!

Save and publish Roblox games

Publish the game Roblox And make it public so your friends and community members can join you After successfully creating the game in Roblox Studio, follow the instructions below, you can share the work with everyone.

Guidelines for sharing and publishing Roblox games

  • Save and publish Roblox games
  • More screenshots and videos
  • Find games on Roblox
  • How to play Roblox games with other people

Save and publish Roblox games

You may have saved your Roblox Studio project on your computer’s hard drive. But you can save and publish directly to Roblox servers. in the menu filelike Save to Roblox. After saving, you can choose less file Again, click Then Publish on Roblox. This action puts the game in Roblox’s “Play” mode.

Publish the Roblox game

More screenshots and videos

You can make Roblox games more attractive to potential players by uploading custom game screenshots in game settings. Use the button first Screen shot In Roblox Studio (on the View tab) or Video recording Take great pictures or videos for the game.

Roblox Registration Button

then come Game settings On the Home tab.

Roblox Game Settings button

Finally, scroll down the section Screenshots and videos, click the plus sign and add photos and clips. At this point, you can also choose the device allowed to play the game, the game type

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Search for Roblox games

Find games on Roblox

You have two ways to find games directly on Roblox:

Method 1: Check the profile page to see if your job is currently available. The game is set public Also available here personal It cannot be seen.

Search Roblox games by profile

Method 2: Close the game in Roblox Studio and My Games menu, select the icon with 3 dots in the right corner of the game you want in Roblox. like Open the Places pageThe game will open Roblox in your web browser.

Find games through My Games on Roblox

How to play Roblox games with other people

Now that the game is on the Roblox servers and all the latest changes have been applied, it’s time to let someone play with you.

Play in the studio in public or just with friends

Return to Roblox Studio and open the game. click Game settings On the Home tab, on the left side of the popup window, select the authority. you can choose personal – personally, friends – friend o public – Public. Then press it saving.

Decentralization in Roblox

Change settings in Roblox’s Creator Dashboard

Roblox has now designed a user-friendly crafting table that lists all tasks. If you select a new game, you will be taken to the page overview. Here you can set the game public.

Create a public Roblox game

If you want to play the game only with friends (friends only) you need to navigate to that Roblox game, click on the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner next to the game name and then select. Configure this location. click Access From the menu on the left and change settings all LUST friends.

Roblox game settings

above How to Share and Publish Roblox Games. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 12:08 - 12/08/2023
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