How to play TFT Season 7: Mysterious Dragon Dark Team

in Truth Arena Season 7, Mystic and Dark Dragon are two teams that stack up against very good Mage teams thanks to their high damage and high magic resistance. The following article will guide you on how to play this combo more effectively.


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How to play TFT Season 7: Mysterious Dragon Dark Team

Group presentation

First let’s look at the strengths of the two main factions of the party:

  • They are tall: Reduces armor and magic resistance to enemy attacks
  • the secret: Raises magic resistance for the entire party

party power

  • It has high magic resistance, strong against formations that use magic damage
  • High physical damage
  • A lot of control
  • Easy to rotate cards, keep score

Weaknesses of the team

  • The backline is thin, easy to get against the assassins
  • No magical damage
  • It needs level 9 to optimize power

How to organize a team


Party generals include:

  • First line: Cyphen, Silas
  • The route is as follows: Heimerdinger, Bard, Nami, Sona, Lulu, Corki

Due to the strong lineup in the early game and mid game, getting generals without Akali 5 gold is almost easy. At the same time, Major Generals should equip enough items to do the best damage.

How to equip equipment

Since this is a build-based attack, we’ll prioritize getting attack items for Pillar, Siphon, and Corky.


  • Bloodsword: Grants the ability to absorb blood
  • Mercury’s Cloak: Uncontrolled for 15 seconds
  • More Strength: Increases all stats


  • Giant Kill: Deals heavy damage to enemy tank champions
  • Razor Blade: Massive increase in attack speed
  • Shojin Spear: Enhances mind changes

Other equipment needs and priorities include: Demon Book for Gold, Resistance Gear for Silas.

Wishing you many victories with the mysterious Dark Dragon in TFT Season 7!

Update at 16:32 - 10/09/2022
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