How to play Homer in Free Fire

Homer is the new character, “Anchor” in Free Fire OB34.. Let find out what you need to know Homer in free fire Please!

Homer is a new character in Free Fire
Homer is a new character in Free Fire

Homer’s Creation and History in Free Fire


Homer in Garena Free Fire He is blind, however, as Homer is not only an assassin, but also one of the founders of a growing tech gang in Griza. After losing his powers, Homer only wants to discover the truth behind a strange disease that blinded him as a child. Mysterious Institute Homer calls the school and examines this character of rare earth minerals.


Garena designed Homer to be quite fashionable. Temple of the Temple features Homer in a gray robe with a hood, along with a full suit of armor. Homer has an implant under his ear, which allows him to control drones.

Homer’s skill in free fire

Ability: Shockwave Sense (Active)

Shoots the drone in front of the nearest enemy, creating a 5m diameter explosion, slowing the enemy’s movement and firing speed, and dealing 25 damage. The duration of the slow effect is 5 seconds. The drone has a forward search area of ​​100 meters.

layer power
the first Movement speed reduced by 10%. 10% fire reduction, CD: 140 sec.
2 Movement speed reduced by 20%. 15% fire reduction, CD: 130 sec.
3 Movement speed reduced by 30%. 20% fire reduction, CD: 120 sec.
4 Movement speed reduced by 40%. 25% fire reduction, CD: 110 sec.
5 Movement speed reduced by 50%. 30% fire reduction, CD: 100 sec.
6 Movement speed reduced by 60%. 35% fire reduction, CD: 90 sec.

Normally, Homer’s ability can completely paralyze enemies for 5 seconds, preventing them from fleeing or attacking. To fight the drones, the player must create a sticky bomb that instantly blocks the enemy’s bullets.

Skill combo for homer in free fire

Homer will be Skyler's strongest opponent
Homer will be Skyler’s strongest opponent

The Free Fire Homer skill is active and can only be used with other passive skills. In general, this is the most effective effect of the attack combo due to the relatively short duration of the drone effect (5 seconds). Here are the characters with the best skills to combine with Homer in Free Fire:


Shiro’s character tracks the player who shot you and increases the armor penetration of the first bullet that shoots you. While tracking is pretty useless at close range, armor penetration is the opposite. You can do a lot of damage when using a rifle or DMR with this skill. While sniping, you can easily follow Homer’s drone to launch.

put to work

Jota is a character with good passive skills for other attacks. When the duel is close, Jota is a good choice, giving you HP mid-combat. Combined with the 35% reduction in the drone’s fire rate, the player can easily damage the target.

It’s real

Front damage reduced by 3.5% for every 10% of maximum HP reduced. This skill gives you the best direct fire support, while reducing HP.

Best weapon for homer in free fire

Free Fire Gun MP40
Free Fire Gun MP40

Overall, Homer’s skills are versatile and can be combined with melee and mid-range weapons. Avoid using their skills to build a long range sniper team as you won’t be able to take advantage of the extra stats.

Overall, in the offensive line, the best weapon to combine with Homer is still the MP40, Vector Akimbo. In a mid-range formation, you should use an assault rifle or DMR.

Homer in Clash Squad and BR in Free Fire

Homer is a great free fire character for Clash Squad and BR. But it shines even more in Clash Squad. With a fast-paced team battle mode, enemies are often in close proximity so players can hit multiple targets with one drone blast. The drone’s cooldown, 90 seconds, is very long, but still manageable.

In Battle Royale mode, players need to be careful when using drones as they need to get close to the enemy to take advantage of the slow effect.

above How to Make a Homer in Free Fire. I hope the article is useful for you.

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