How to play fish

How to play fish It’s not difficult. This article will guide you in detail How to play together.

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If you love playing fun games that mimic real life, you should be no stranger to playing together. Play Together is one of the most loved games today because of its unique simulation gameplay. Come to this playground, you can not only design your own dream house, but also exchange and make friends from all over the world. The game allows players to host a house party to invite friends to play and socialize.

Although the graphics of Play Together are not as beautiful as many other games of the same genre, the game still has a special charm because the developer is very active in improving it, updating new content and organizing events with attractive prizes. That is why the number of Play Together players is increasing every day.

Play Together has many interesting missions for you to participate in. One of them is fishing. And How to play together How? Let’s find out with!

Step by step instructions on how to fish in Play Together

the end Square (Kaia Island). Tap the smartphone icon on the left side of the screen. Tap the icon Map. flock fishing shop Plaza map in the list to the right of the map. Tap the place name.

Play Square Maps together

Then, tap the Navigation button to browse on the left side of the screen. An arrow will appear below your letter, making it easier to navigate the store.

Follow the arrow to the store. It is located near the Ferris Wheel. Visit the seller and tap the shopping cart icon (conversation bubble) above.

Buy a fishing rod from the Play Together game store

Tap the button Buy fishing In the lower right corner, then buy the most basic wooden stick. Good and cheapest option for beginners to learn how to fish at Play Together, only 450 stars (stars).

Now go back to your smartphone map, tap Doc Next on the list on the right. It is very close to fishing shop and ferris wheel. You don’t need to look at a map to find it. The dock next to the dock is a great place to fish at Play Together.

Go to the end of the pier, near the water. Tap the red bag on the right side of the screen. Tools – Tap the close box icon to open the Tools section. Tap the fishing rod to equip your character.

A new action (bait icon) will appear in the bottom right above the jump button. Tap to start Game fishingAnd.

Fishing in the Play Together game requires patience and constant observation of the water. You can slide your finger to the best viewing angle. Soon, you will see the silhouette of fish near the bait in the water. Wait patiently for the fish to bite.

Wharf fishing at Play Together

An exclamation point appears in the shadow of the fish indicating that it has seen the bait. The fish now moves closer to the bait. Sometimes he doesn’t bite the bait, but he just likes to play.

The fish saw the bait in Play Together

But if you see a loud noise from the reel moving fast, you should pull your rod. Click on the fish and fishing icon in the bottom right to raise it.

How to play fish together

the first time fishing game It is not easy. You need some practice. The main problem with this work is the timing and symptoms of fish bites. Pulling the lever too early or too late can send the shaft threading noise with your bare hands. Fortunately, this quest has no time limit, so you can play anytime.

Place the fish in the Play Together inventory

If you fish successfully, tap the icon shop Stocking Fish Then, back at the store, tap the cart button above the vendor and click the sell button.

Selling fish at Play Together

There is no port Khelo Together’s only fishing spot. You can fish anywhere there is water, be it a pier or a pool. The swimming pool is located near the fashionable shopping center. Next to the center is a staircase leading down to the pool.

Amazing fishing place to play

Play Together currently has over 80 different types of fish and is constantly updated. Play Together has different species and unique fishing spots.

Legendary Fish (Pink or Purple)

It is the rarest and most difficult fish to catch in the Play Together game. This species is also very expensive, with over 400 stars and can go up to 1,000 stars for crown fish. But you cannot sell legendary fish.

The average size of legendary fish is extremely large and it totally depends on your luck to catch it. To get it, you need to use professional fishing rod or blue rod.

  • Axolotls often swim in the world’s lakes, fall into fashion stores.
  • Alligators live in Garr Falls Lake.
  • Crocodiles in an inland lake.
  • Finless porpoises live near lighthouses or in the deep sea.
  • Golden sparkling inland lake.
  • Giant rays live in the ocean.
  • Pink Dolphin at Fashion Center Falls.
  • Piracuku live in a lake/waterfall at the campsite.
  • Killer orcas in the deep sea.
To play Killer Orcas

Here’s what you need to know How to play fish together. I hope the article helps you play more easily.

Update at 12:10 - 10/09/2022
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