How to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with friends

How to play Fall Guys Easy with friends. That’s it How to play Fall Guys With a group of up to 4 friends.

Create a Fall Guys game group

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Although Fall Guys is very competitive, where only one person can claim the crown if they last until the last minute, the game also has some interesting team play modes. That’s it How to play Fall Guys with friends.

How to invite friends to play Fall Guys

1. Open the main menu.

2. Tap the driver triangle to invite friends

3. Select any friends you want to invite to the group (up to 3).

Invite friends to play Fall Guys

4. If you see me on the screen next to you, you love me X When you enter a game and start a match.

How to create a group of falling boys

If you want to enable group chat, you need to start a private group through PlayStation. By default, this feature is not enabled in Fall Guys because you initially join the game as a normal player.

1. From the Home screen, scroll up and navigate to event.

Create a Fall Guys group

2. Choice throw a party.

Create a party on PS4

3. Name the team, set the player limit and select personal You want to create a private group.

Partying in Fall Guys is easy

4. Choice throw a party.

5. Select the friends you want to invite to the group

6. Click on invited.

Some tips for playing Fall Guys with friends

Jump master

In Fall Guys, you must be ready to master 3 actions: jump, dive and grab. The goal is not to spill your “beans” or you’ll have to start over. So, first you need to master the dance moves.

You should start by playing See Saw or Gate Crash as these are two challenges that will help you practice dancing effectively.

Learn to dive

In diving, the best way to practice is with a falling ball. Basically, you kick the ball with the goal of scoring points for the team. Score points quickly with the first ball.

Finally the movement of grasping or grasping something

You can use it to catch a tail or catch someone to avoid losing speed and falling. Some tails and ends can lead to high places. Slime Climb is a great way for you to practice this action.

Now you have everything you need Play with friends in Fall Guys. Don’t worry if you don’t see your friends in the main menu. Because there are integration problems. Please try again. According to the developer, this problem often occurs when the number of players entering the game at the same time is too high.

Update at 18:40 - 10/09/2022
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