How To Play Combat Master Online For Beginners

online battle very good Master of War A first-person shooter game that can be played on mobile. That’s it How to start playing combat games online for beginners.

Combat Master is said to be similar to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019.
Combat Master is said to be similar to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019.

Combat Master: Online FPS It features fast-paced gameplay providing a realistic mobile shooting experience. Whether you’re an expert tactician or simply looking to improve your skills, Combat Master offers the quality and development-oriented gameplay you’re looking for.

Battle online highlights

Smooth performance

  • Fastest FPS on mobile with amazing AAA graphics.
  • High speed loading time, action in seconds.
  • Optimized for low-end and high-end devices with many settings for customization.
  • Long playtime without heating the device and optimizing the battery.

Amazing multiplayer experience

  • No automatic fire.
  • No loot boxes, no money to spend.
  • No ads, completely free.
  • Ensure justification.
  • No need to download updates every day.

New generation gun war

  • quickly
  • Combination of climbing, climbing, jumping, sliding, parkour
  • flying knife

Instructions for playing Combat Master Online

  • On the main screen
  • weapons
  • operator
  • shop
  • Change the call name, title and tag
  • Map
  • menu options
  • Combat Master Online Game Tips for Beginners

On the main screen

Main screen of Combat Master Online
Main screen of Combat Master Online

After downloading Combat Masters Online, you will be taken to the main screen. The top right corner shows the name, level and EXP you need to reach the next table. Below you will see the options, which will lead to the game configuration panel. You can also observe the model of the character you choose to play the gun on this screen.

From the top left of the screen are the Play, Battle Pass, Weapons, Operator, Store tabs. the game You will be taken to the main window. Here you can choose fast game Write a fast paced multiplayer game where 2 teams battle it out on a randomly selected map. The game ends 10 minutes or a team has scored 30 goals.


Load Armory in Combat Master Online
Load Armory in Combat Master Online

The weapons tab opens the background of the workshop. Here you can repair your gaming equipment. This screen is similar to COD: Modern Warfare, but currently, players can only edit available equipment and weapon options.

When you click on the Loadout tab you want to edit, there are 3 fields available to create 3 presets. You can switch between 3 guns while playing.

A long press anywhere will give you the option to customize the name of the loadout, which you’ll prefer to use by default every time you enter a new game. In each loadout, you have a primary weapon slot, a secondary weapon slot, a skill slot, a death slot, and a tactical slot. Advantage and tactical slots are closed, currently only primary, secondary and damage slots are open.

You must use a sniper rifle, SMG and rifle so that you can participate effectively in close, medium and long combat. If you want to use explosives, you should use thermite because it explodes on contact rather than grenades, which have a shorter detonation delay.


A character design in Combat Master Online
A character design in Combat Master Online

This tab allows you to select characters to play in Combat Master Online. They all belong to different groups. After reaching level 10, you will unlock 3 basic characters. Character selection does not affect the gameplay, so you can choose any desired character.


The shop is where you can find different weapons, character skins, calling cards, badges and you have to pay real money to buy them. 4-5 skins, 1 character, 1 badge, 1 business card all in one theme pack.

You don’t need to buy, because there is a basic variant for every free gun. Also, players who spend money to buy things don’t have an added strategic advantage either.

Change the call name, title and tag

Change name to play Combat Master Online
Change name to play Combat Master Online

The name, level and expectation are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. When you click on it, another window will appear, which allows you to change the name, title and call tab. Symbols and summon cards will appear on opponents and friends, every time you kill and win the game.

They will unlock more styles as you upgrade and progress in the game. So you can always combine them according to the desired theme.


War Master online game map
War Master online game map

Combat Master Online now has the following cards:

  • power plant
  • Chitrashala
  • Metro
  • the farm
  • Train yard
  • Hangar X-87

All the above Combat Master Online cards are suitable for long, medium and close combat.

menu options

The options menu has 4 tabs:

  • Game: From action vibrations to general settings, language packs, even kill reports and additional information about whether or not an enemy has been killed.
  • Graphics: Adjust picture quality and fluidity.
  • Control: Adjust HUD, viewfinder position and camera sensitivity buttons.
  • They are: Increase or decrease sound, adjust music and effect volume.

Combat Master Online Game Tips for Beginners

  • You can set the angle of the observation position from which the opponent is seen.
  • If you want to attack, go around the map with shotguns and SMGs. Remember to keep moving so you don’t crash.
  • A double tap can be set up in the control menu to quickly swap weapons.
  • If you want to do sniping, you need to lower the sensitivity. For rifles and SMGs, sensitivity should be high. You can always adjust this setting while playing.
  • The game doesn’t support aiming, so sensitivity is an important factor in improving your game. So take your time to find the right settings.
Start playing Combat Master Online
Start playing Combat Master Online

above Instructions for playing Combat Master Online on mobile Basics I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 14:52 - 10/09/2022
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