How to play business trip for beginners

How to play Business Tour It’s not difficult. This article will guide you in detail Business travel rules You will know

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If you like playing chess, then In business It will definitely make you want to play. Gameplay Business Tour Easy, fun and you can plan different ways to win. The game also helps you evaluate the feasibility of your real estate business. The game is suitable for children and adults.

In business It lets you play a classic board game but in an online world with your friends. The specialty of Business Tour is that the game is easy to learn, but hard to win. You have to use all your courage and business skills to defeat your opponents. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase over time, thus increasing the variety of the game.

Key Features of Business Tour:

  • Online mode 2×2 or 2 to 4 player multiplayer.
  • Offline game mode with bots and other players on one or more screens.
  • Invite friends to play at a table.
  • Global Player Ranking.
  • Competition mode.

Instructions on how to play Business Tour

  • How to join a game room
  • How to choose a lobby
  • Choose a character on a business trip
  • Start the business trip game
  • specialized cells
  • Business travel is a winning condition
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How to join a game room

Business Tour Billionaire Chess Game An online multiplayer game (2 to 4 players) in 2 modes alone or with friends on a 32-square chessboard. If you’re inviting a friend to play, select Friends.

If you’re new to the game and don’t have friends on business trips, pick this up single and click the game. When you enter the lobby, you can join the current lobby (with a lighter color). If the lobby is not suitable, you can create a new lobby by pressing the button the creation.

Solo Business Tour Mode

How to choose a lobby

Here’s what the lobbies look like in the Business Tour game:

Business Tour Game Lobby

You can adjust the number of betting chips for each player before the game starts. In Billionaire Chess the first player wins 2 chip numbers and the others lose all their bets.

Enter the lobby before entering the Business Tour game

Choose a character on a business trip

PC business tour Provides 4 free main characters for players to choose from. You are free to choose the desired character as it does not affect the gameplay.

Of course, there are other character customization options in the game that you can unlock if you’re eligible.

The nature of the business trip

Start the business trip game

Before the players roll the dice on their business trip, some cities hold festivals. These festivals increase the fare that players have to pay when they go there.

Carnival holding city icon on business trip

After identifying the festival locations, it’s time to officially start the race to become a billionaire. The system will automatically select the first player to roll the dice.

The system chooses who rolls the dice first

tie surrounding Shows your character when selected. Please click. Then, the system will automatically move the characters according to the correct number of dice steps. If you want to roll the dice again, you give 3 gold coins.

Press Roll to roll the Business Tour dice

When you arrive at a city you want to buy, you can choose between 2 houses in the first phase. This means that in order to place a level 3 house, you need to look at the map once and reach the same place. The cost of purchasing additional cells increases clockwise.

Alternatively, you can build a hotel in a place where there is a level 3 house. The hotel is not affected by earthquakes and some cannot afford it.

specialized cells

  • Dash: Every time you pass the starting box, you will get 300,000 USD
  • Resort: This is a normal box but you cannot buy it from others and if you buy 4 resorts you win.
  • the time: Gives you a random power-up, which may or may not be useful
  • lost island: If you roll this box correctly, you lose 3 dice rolls. You can get off the island with an opportunity card, pay the $200,000 fee, or wait 3 times.
  • World Championship: If you tick this box, you can choose a city to host the contest. This move will increase rental fees per tournament.
  • world tour: Allows the player to visit any unclaimed cities or occupied lands. To use it, you have to pay $50,000.
  • Financial institutions: If you stop at this box, you have to pay 10% tax.

Terms and conditions for winning a business trip

  • Lateral monopoly: You win if you dominate the entire map with buildings.
  • Triple Monopoly: You win if you build a set of 3 houses of the same model in a row
  • Monopoly Resort: You win if you buy all resorts.
  • failure: You win if all opponents fail to pay rent and go bankrupt.
  • Accept victory: When everyone is out of the game.

above How to play Billionaire Business Tour board game for beginners. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 17:30 - 18/08/2023
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