How to play Artery Gear: Fusion for Beginners

Arterial Gear: Fusion A strategy RPG game developed by Bilibili. That’s it How to play Artery Gear: Fusion for Beginners.

Female Warrior in Artery Gear
Female Warrior in Artery Gear

Arterial Gear: Fusion. Game overview

Basically, Arterial Gear: Fusion It features a turn-based fighting game. Players join a battlefield in a post-apocalyptic era, to fight against creatures that want to devour this world. You need a group of strong female warriors who can fight. This team of female warriors is called Artery Gear, which consists of a leader, 4 characters and 3 tactical supports. To win, you need to plan and strategize to build a strong team to survive the changing battlefield.

Tips for Playing Artery Gear: Fusion for Beginners

Understand the characteristics of each part

Artery Gear: Fusion has 3 types of characteristics: Red is Molten (Galle), Blue is Thunder (Trou), Green is Crystal. These features have their advantages and disadvantages and can be mutually exclusive.

Arterial gear characters

Like other RPG games, a triangular circle of three parts interact with each other. The first is that thrones resist fusion, fusion against crystals, and crystals have an advantage over thrones.

When attacking a strong enemy, it increases damage by 10% and increases critical hit chance by 15%. This is called the control effect. However, even when attacking weaker enemies, the opponent has a 50% chance to miss your attack. This is called suppression effect.

Find out which gear is right for each character

There are 5 types of Artery Gear in the game. They are classified according to the state and condition of the war. So, understanding it well will help you make the right choices while fighting.

AG type function
attack Generates continuous damage to destroy enemies
balance It balances the composition and is a good choice in many situations
strategic He brings unique skills and talents, which give him a great advantage in certain combat situations
cure Restore HP to allies
defense Take damage and protect your team in battle

character upgrade

Here are some ways to increase your arterial gear while playing:

let’s go

let's go

One of the easiest ways to increase AG is to level up your character, use the EXP Cat Orb or a character as a resource to get more EXP. Also, you should use EXP Cat Orb as Mousse XL for higher EXP.


Arterial gear technology

Through the technology section, you can increase the characteristics of more specific statistics, but must use some key obtained to collect data from the match.


Efficiency for arterial gear

To increase the power of the skill, you need some things like the description of the chip to upgrade it. The game description has 3 types of chips: first basic for a 3 star character, intermediate for 4 stars and advanced for 5 stars.

Here’s one thing Tips for playing Artery Gear for beginners. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 18:28 - 10/09/2022
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