How to modify Android games without root

How to Change Android Games How safe and effective is it? Let’s find out with Instructions on how to play online games on Android without root below!

game mode Perhaps the term is not so strange to those who play. Rooting a smartphone is the most effective and popular way to cheat or modify an Android game. However, rooting is a difficult task for many people. In addition, this solution also has a potential security risk, even “bricked” phones.

In fact, we still are Another way to mod games on Android. The article will guide you How to modify Android games without root.

How To Mod Android Games Without Root

  • How to Change Android Games by Changing Time Settings
  • How to Mod Games on Android Using Auto Click App
  • How to Update Android Games with Lucky Patcher
  • How to Upgrade Android Games with Level Up Booster

How to Change Android Games by Changing Time Settings

This simple method only works for offline time-based games. Players have to wait a few seconds to reload or heart to continue playing the game. Now follow these steps:

Step 1: Make sure you’re playing a time-based game, not on a server or online like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire… Also, the game doesn’t require online authentication (like account authentication Google Play, login). …)

Time-based Android game mode

Step 2: Run the game, play until the resource runs out according to the time.

Step 3: Don’t close the game, point your mouse over it by pressing and holding the button home. the end Clock > Settings > Date & Time. Change the current date to 1 day earlier.

Change Android Time settings

Step 4: Go back to the app and you will see that the resources are full again if it works in your game.

How to Mod Games on Android Using Auto Click App

Another tip to create a mod for Android games without rooting the device is to use an app that supports auto-click, which is available on the Google Play Store.

Note that this type of application may not work well with some games. It is used almost exclusively in some games that require you to touch the screen as quickly as possible.

It is not difficult to find an application that supports auto-click on the phone. Recommended Articles QuickTouch – Automatic Clicker by SimpleHat Software, LCC. This app can precisely touch any point you choose on the screen for a customizable range. Here’s what you need to do to change the game with this Android app:

Step 1: Loading QuickTouch – Automatic clicker on the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the application and configure as you like.

Step 3: Open the game you want to modify. Make sure to touch the screen to play the main game.

Step 4: Tap the screen and the auto-clicker app will know what to do next.

How to Update Android Games with Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is probably the best game mod app for Android without rooting the device. As with the method of changing time settings, Lucky Patcher works well in offline games that do not require online authentication.

Step 1: Loading lucky patcher from a reliable source (because it is not available in the store) and install it. Don’t forget to activate Allows installing apps from sources other than the Play Store.

lucky patcher

Step 2: Run the app, tap Ignore all popup messages no.

Step 3: Select the game you want to change (installed on your phone) and touch it Patch menu.

List of game patches

Step 4: touch Create a modified APK file. You can find different ways to change the game like this:

  • APK with many patches – APK with many patches
  • APK without license verification – APK without license verification
  • APK Without Google Ads – APK Without Google Ads
  • Rebuild APK for InApp and LVL Emulation – Rebuild APK for InApp and LVL Emulator
  • APK with modified permissions and activities – APK with modified permissions and activities
  • Resign with a trial subscription – Renew with a trial membership
APK file editing option

For in-game resources like coins and gems, you have to choose APK rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation > mark Patch support for LVL emulation or Support patch for InApp emulation, just skip the last option. the touch Rebuild the app And wait for a while.

Step 5: After everything is done, uninstall the original game. Go to your phone’s local storage through this File Manager > the touch Android folder > flock lucky patcher. Tap and click on this folder changed.

Click on the folder to edit the file

Step 6: Find the folder containing the game patch and open it, you will see the redesigned APK file for that game. Now, install it and enjoy the hacked game.

Bowmasters Game Hack

A few things to keep in mind while using Lucky Patcher:

  • Lucky Patcher is generally better in offline games than online games.
  • Lucky Patcher does not support all Android devices.
  • Lucky Patcher can also detect if the game is hackable. If the game name is highlighted in green color in Lucky Patcher then the success rate of game mode is high. If the game name is highlighted in red, you definitely cannot change the Android game.

How to Upgrade Android Games with Level Up Booster

Most Android games offer some XP for completing missions or achieving objectives. These XP points will not only improve your ranking in the game, but also in Google Play Games. The more goals you achieve, the more XP points you get. Everyone wants a beautiful profile and high ranking, right?

How to Change Android Games with Apps

2 ways you can do it on Google Play Games play well, progress the game and collect points or get unlimited XP points using XP Booster app. The problem with the first method is that the game gets harder at higher levels and XP points are rarer.

therefore, Level booster was born, which allows you to gain a lot of XP points quickly. The good thing about this app is that it is completely legal and safe to use. The application requires you to complete several simple standard calculations and if you answer correctly, you will receive 10,000 XP points. You can repeat this process 5 times and get 50,000 XP points. After 5 times, you will see the ad to continue this process. If you’re okay with that, here’s how to remake a great Android game.

Frequently asked questions about how games change

Why not use hacking apps like Cheat Engine Android, Game Killer, CryHack, LeoPlay Card, or SB Game Hacker APK?

As many people have experienced, there are always potential security risks when using apps on top of mod games, especially those who are new to hacking games for the first time.

How to mod online games without root?

The best way is to exploit the device or use the APK files of the games edited on their servers Alternatively, you can try Lucky Patcher or the third party apps recommended above. However, keep in mind that no matter which method you use, there is a possibility of getting banned from your account for cheating games.

What apps can hack Android games?

Popular android game hacking apps include cheat engine android, lucky patcher, sb game hacker apk, game killer 2019, cryhack and leoplay card. However, most of them require rooting the Android phone. This action may cause damage to the device

What is the safest way to modify Android games?

It uses Android emulator software like NoxPlayer, BlueStacks, LDPlayer…

Here’s one thing How to change Android games without rooting your smartphone?. If you know other solutions, feel free to share on!

Update at 9:05 - 11/09/2022
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