How to make money fast with Play Together

Earn money with Play Together It’s not difficult. Here’s what you need to know How to earn a lot of money playing games together.

How to earn free money on PlayTogether

  • Download Play Together for Android
  • Download Play Together for iOS

Simulation games are one of the most popular game genres today as they help people escape from the pressures of real life, realize their dreams and aspirations. Finding a good simulation game on PC and mobile is not difficult. there, will play The most popular choice at the moment.

Play Together has really created a “craze” in 2021 with its unique simulation game. Players can not only build houses and decorate them as they like, but they can make friends from all over the world and do many interesting tasks. Not only this, Play Together actively organizes impressive themed events with attractive giveaways.

Of course, you will not lack money to develop the game. Like any simulation game, Play Together has a currency system. You need to level up to unlock higher level options.

money will play They will buy you different furniture, cars, clothes, house style and more. So the question is how? Play Hack Together for money Many players are interested. However, you don’t need to hack it. Actually you are many How to make money on PlayTogether Just take care of the game and do the following.

How to earn money by playing games

  • Complete missions to play
  • Collect the wreath
  • Fishing and recycling
  • Watch the video

Complete missions to play

First, you need to complete the quest to help the citizens of Kaia Island. You can search from various NPCs in the square and camp.

Some NPCs give you quests in Play Together:

  • Police patrolling the heart of Victor Square.
  • In front of NPC Pizzeria.
  • Square dance floor cleaner with hand broom.
  • Campsite Challenger, Fireman, Dr.
  • Vice Principal and girl in front of the school door.
  • Challenger and girl on playground/basketball.

Collect the wreath

Collect crowns in Play Together

The crown is a necessary condition for you to unlock the rewards of the pass including gems, money, gift boxes… If you don’t have enough money to fix the fishing rods, you can play the game zombie fight or arcade. However, you can earn a lot of money by fishing on Play Together.

Fishing and recycling

After completing quests, you can earn money in PlayTogether by selling fish caught from waterfalls at campsites, docks… Waterfalls are one of the best places to fish in PlayTogether because here, you can easily catch rare fish like bearded catfish. , about 80 to 130 stars. You can learn more fishing instructions on Play Together at

Another way to earn money at Play Together is through recycling. For example, recycled dolls, car doors in kindergartens. Then, use points to buy boxes at the store. One of these boxes may contain money.

Sell ​​your fish to earn money in Play Together

Watch the video

Ultimately, this is the easiest way to make quick money on Play Together. Your task is to watch ads and get stars.

Here’s one thing How to earn a lot of money by playing together Simple t. If you know any other Play Together methods to earn money, please share with readers!

Update at 12:56 - 10/09/2022
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