How to make Heiju in Genshin Impact

heizo Genshin “debuted” in the Impact 2.8 update. Let’s find out with How to create Heiju while playing Genshin Impact Please!

Heizo in Genshin Impact

Shikanoin Heizo A unique character, using magic weapons, wind type in Genshin Impact. Heijou fights using wind-type martial arts moves. According to leaked sources, Heizo is part of the main DPS group, which is dealing with the loss of a second DPS support from the field.

Instructions for building the Heizou Genshin Impact

  • Skill Heartstopper Strike (Cooldown: 10 seconds)
  • Blast: Windmaster Kick (Cooldown: 12 seconds)
  • Heizo’s natural destiny and priority in Genshin Impact
  • How to use Relics for Heizu Genshin Impact
  • Heizou Genshin is the best weapon for effect
  • Best lineup for Heizou Genshin Impact

Heizo is a young detective of the Tenryu Commission. Freedom loving, undisciplined but happy and energetic, these are the characteristics of this character. At first glance, Heizu seems like an ordinary teenager, but he is actually the number 1 detective of the Tenryu Commission.

Skill Heartstopper Strike (Cooldown: 10 seconds)

touch: Punch forward, deal air damage.

Keep: Prepare a strong wind, Decline 1 stack every 0.75 seconds up to 4 stacks. The higher your stack, the higher the Heizo damage. At max level, Heizou has powerful attack and conviction effects for increased AoE. You can stack Declination by activating Tornado Reaction.

Heartstopper Strike is Heizo’s main way of dealing damage. Combined with A1 Genius, this Genshin Impact character can deal a lot of damage, including stacking maximum Heartstopper strikes. If you fully stack E with Tornado, you can hit E and still get the full effect. The stack lasts for 60 seconds even if Heizou is not on the field.

You should upgrade Heizou to 90 because tornado damage increases with level.

Blast: Windmaster Kick (Cooldown: 12 seconds)

Heizou jumps up and delivers an explosive kick, dealing AoE air elemental damage and pulling nearby enemies. When combined with the elements of fire, water, lightning, and ice, opponents are affected by Windmaster Iris.

The iris explodes after a while and deals AoE damage to objects absorbing it. Up to 4 enemies affected by 1 iris. The opponent is not affected by two or more irises at the same time. Normally, Heizou Genshin Impact will be used to set burst skills.

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The initial explosion from Heizou scales, meaning that when an enemy is hit, nearby objects can be affected. For example, 2 enemies = 4 damage. This means that the more enemies hit Heizou’s chest, the more damage they will do.

Passive level:

  • Paradoxical Practice: When you activate Tornado on the field, Heizu gains 1 stack Decline.
  • Penetrative Reasoning: When Heizou’s ability hits an enemy, all nearby allies gain 80EM for 10 seconds.

Heizo's luck was not special

Heizo’s natural destiny and priority in Genshin Impact

The pressure of fate

Overall, Heizou’s C1 is the most useful. This character often enters the field after helping his teammates implement skills on the battlefield. This gives him even lower stacks, making power combos more consistent.

C1: Casebook Juvenile Names (CD: 10s) Increases attack speed by 15% for 5 seconds after entering the battlefield, with fall stacking.
C2: Exploratory Collection Increases Elemental Blast and increases its effect for 1 second.
C3: Book of Mysterious Riddles 3 Increase skill levels
C4: Tome of Lies The first iris of each burst restores 9 mana. Each subsequent burst gains another 1.5 energy points.
C5: The Secret Archive Element Blast Level 3 Level Up
C6: Curious Flies Each stack of fall increases critical damage by 4%. At max stack, increase hit damage by 32%.

Talent comes first

Heizou is a DPS character who mainly deals damage with basic skills. Players should focus on this first and then focus on Heizou’s Genshin Impact base attack and initial burst.

Heizo Genshin stayed for the effect

How to use Relics for Heizu Genshin Impact

The best remains

Viridiscent Venerer x4 with 40% split resistance makes it extremely valuable in any situation.

Remains for key statistics

  • Elemental Mastery / Animo Damage Bonus / Elemental Mastery
    3x Elemental Mastery
  • Increases Attack% / Animo Damage / Elemental Mastery

Remains for secondary statistics

  • Multi-target priority and high attack percentage from primary weapon/stat: EM > ATK% > Crit
  • First a goal: Crit >= ATK% > EM

Heizou Genshin is the best weapon for effect

Atlas Skyward: Increases damage by 12%. Normal attacks have a 50% chance to detect nearby enemies and ambush them for 15 seconds to receive support from the cloud. Deals 160% damage. This can happen once every 30 seconds.

Heizou Genshin training for effect

Best line for Heizou Genshin effect

  • Standard Formation Charge Heijo: Shikanoin Heijo + Yelan/Gingyu + Ya Miko/Beido + Fishley/Kuki Shinobu
  • National Composition of Heizo: Shikanoin Heizo + Jiangling + Jingqiu + Bennett
  • Water Element Composition Heizou 2: Shikanoin Heizou + Yelan + Xingqiu + Bennett/Zhongli
  • Wind Heijo Composition: Shikanoin Heijo + Jin/Anemo Traveler + Zhongli + Bennett/Yun Jin

Above are the basic things you need to know about how to create Heizu in Genshin Impact. shares with readers how to create your Heizou Genshin effect!

Update at 7:07 - 15/08/2023
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