How to make an OB in Roblox

One of the The most popular game of Roblox is Obstacle Course, called Obby for short. Let’s find out together How to make an OB game in Roblox Studio How!

Roblox obby game

Instructions for making Obby games on Roblox

  • How to make an OB game on Roblox
    • 1. Create a game project in OB
    • 2. Remove the baseplate
    • 3. Add the first part
    • 4. Anchor, place and shape your part
    • 5. Change the colors of parts and components
    • 6. Added more features
  • How to add a simple OB script
    • 8. Type the script
    • 9. Save the game

How to make an OB game on Roblox

1. Create a game project in OB

tomorrow Roblox Studio and tab againprotector base plate. Secure the window hunter And property is displayed in the user interface. Otherwise, click on the menu to seeThen click and select Windows.

Create a new OB project

Select a scene

2. Remove the baseplate

To make the OB game more challenging, take the base from the spawn point below. in the window huntersee work place and select the small arrow next to it. This action will show you all the workspace categories. Then click base plate and press Renewal on the keyboard

base plate

You now have a nice clear sky with a floating spawn point.

3. Add the first part

Look for the button the part Along the toolbar at the top of Roblox Studio.

Go to Roblox

Click the top half of that button to create a section of your project. It can be found above or to the right of the spawn point.

Add items to the project

4. Anchor, place and shape your part

Go to the highlighted part hunterLook for the button again And click on it to make sure your pieces don’t fall when the game starts. The best way is to freeze your newly created sections so you don’t forget to do them later

Still on Roblox

Now it’s time to add the feature image. And where do you want to keep OB? Roblox gives you 3 tools to do this, called: Move, Scale, Rotate. They are placed vertically in the top toolbar and are more useful when creating OBs.

5. Change the colors of parts and components

Use the Properties window, usually found in the Explorer window located on the Bricklayer and Component lines. You can change the color of properties such as textures with the values ​​of this property.

6. Added more features

You can add multiple parts to the OB using the Parts button on the toolbar. Notice that there is a small arrow at the bottom of the block diagram. If you select that arrow, you can choose the size of the piece before adding it to the game. Be sure to anchor all parts.

How to add a simple OB script

With scripts, you can make blocks light up when touched or slowly disappear as the player moves through the material. You have many ways to make the OB game more difficult by adding a script or two. Here are the steps to add a script to a section

7. Select Properties from Explorer

This script will make the OB part disappear when the player touches it. Select the feature you want to apply, then click the icon + Next to that Explorer section. Take the default command line, print (“Hello World”).

8. Type the script

Type the following script, making sure all punctuation and indentations are on the page you’re writing. Then, press Play to test the OB operation on the top toolbar. After the player touches this part, it disappears and reappears after 3 seconds. The 3 parts of this script include defining the appropriate part (line 1), missing the platform function (lines 3-12), and calling the function that will be triggered when that part is touched (line 14).

Save the Roblox game

9. Save the game

Don’t forget to save the game often. You can go to the File menu at the top of the Studio window and then select it Save to file. You can choose when you are ready to push the Roblox game Save to Roblox.

above How to play OB in Roblox. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 4:33 - 10/09/2022
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