How to install FNF mod Mommy Long Legs

FNF Mod Mom’s Long Legs Puppy Playtime is one of the most popular mods in horror games. If you want to compete with mom, install this mod FNF Puppy Playtime Chapter 2 now!

Friday Night Funkin Mod vs. Mommy Long Leg Installation Instructions

1. Press Download it Go to the page below Download Mom’s Long Legs Mod Fnf game

2. You will be taken to FNF mod Mommy Long Legs download page on Click the button Download it.

Download FNF Mod

3. Click Continue Download it To download the mod file to your computer. Remember where you saved the VS Mommy Long Legs mod.

Download the Mummy Long Legs mod installation file

4. Open the Downloads folder where your downloaded file is saved by double-clicking or right-clicking the file and selecting it quoted here To extract files to this folder.

Unzip the file

5. After successfully extracting the file, press PsychEngine.exe To launch FNF mod Mommy Long Legs.

6. This is the welcome interface of FNF Puppy Playtime-themed mod. Press to enter To begin with.

Mods home page

7. You have many options to start playing this FNF mod You can go directly to story mode, freeplay or discover mode. However, if you want to adjust your game settings first, use the down arrow to navigate to the options below There are game settings including resolution adjustment, sound, fluid controls and more

FNF mode option

8. When you are satisfied with the settings, select the game you want to play. In this guide, is chosen the story the first Use the right or left arrow keys to adjust the game difficulty from Easy – Easy, Normal – Normal and Hard – Hard. However, if you are new to the game, you should choose Easy first.

History mode

9. In Chapter 1, your opponent is Huggy Wuggy. It will chase you by quickly and accurately pressing the arrow keys on the left side of the screen. If you don’t want to be caught by him, you have to hurry your eyes and press the right arrow that appears on the right side of the screen.

Pay attention to the bottom bar, don’t let the dark blue color fill this bar or Huggy’s head will push your character icon to the end of the bar. Otherwise, you lose and have to start over.

Music competition with Huggy Wuggy

Note, to unlock Chapter 2 in this mode, you must complete Chapter 1.

However, you can go and experience it free play > Select special guest or mother time For a song contest with mom’s long legs.

play with mom

This is a very difficult game, you need creativity, quick hands and quick eyes.

Mom's long legs in FNF mode

Mother do not scare you, the arrow reacts in time. You will win soon.

above How to Install and Play Mod VS Mummy Long Legs Friday Night Funkin Game. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 21:27 - 10/09/2022
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