How to Grow Fast with Axis Infinity

Level at axis infinity It’s not difficult. This article will guide you in detail How to level up fast when you play Axis Infinity game.

How to Grow Fast with Axis Infinity

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NFT games are increasingly dominating the world of video games. Why? Not just an interesting game, NFT games allow players to earn money while playing. There are many games in this genre for you to choose from. And Axis Infinity is one of the most popular options.

Axie Infinity created a “craze” in 2021 due to its exciting action game. After downloading Axis Infinity, registering an account, opening a cryptocurrency account, you can immediately join playing Axis Infinity. Start the game by buying some Axis and make them strong enough to fight. Each axis has different positions and skills. You need to focus on it so that you can make the right strategy, gain an advantage over your opponent and win.

As with any action game, experience points are very important axis is infinite. Here’s everything you need to know about leveling while playing the game.

How to Grow Fast with Axis Infinity

  • What is the force at axis infinity?
  • How to get Axis Infinity Power
  • How do you upgrade EXP and Axie?
  • Do I need to upgrade Ax when I start playing Ax Infinity?

What is the force at axis infinity?

Before talking about how to level Axie faster you need to understand Energy better. In Axis Infinity, adventures and arena battles cost energy.

You can see the amount of energy currently available in the main menu. You can also check how much time is left before recovering more energy.

You need power if you want to:

  • Earn EXP for Axie in Adventure Mode (PvE)
  • Win SLP rewards in Arena mode (PvP).

This means that the more abilities you have, the more EXP you can earn by participating in adventure (PvE) battles to upgrade Axie.

How to get Axis Infinity Power

Ax is infinite power

In Axis Infinity, the player starts with a total maximum power of 20/20. You recover 5 energy every 6 hours. However, if you have more axes, the maximum power level and recharge rate may increase:

Number of axes Shakti / Sun Time to recharge
3-9 axes 20 strong 5 energy / 6 hours
10-19 axes 40 strong 5 energy / 3 hours
20+ axes 60 strength 5 energy / 2 hours

How do you upgrade EXP and Axie?

To get EXP and upgrade Axie, you must participate in matches in Adventure Mode while you have energy. That said, if you want to focus on upgrading Axie, you’ll only need to spend precious energy in Adventure (PvE), not the PvP arena.

Tips to grow faster in Axis Infinity

Field PvP battles are great if you want to SLP and then upgrade Axie. Also, you should note that if you lose a PvE match, you won’t get any EXP points. So prepare well and make sure you complete this level.

You can check the number of monsters you face by clicking on that level. Focus on the level that you and your teammates can easily overcome. Players call the comfort zone EXP.

Do I need to upgrade Ax when I start playing Ax Infinity?

Yes, when you start playing Ax Infinity, you should focus on upgrading Ax first, at least for the first two weeks.

When you first start, you will struggle to reach 100SLP per day from Adventure Mode.

Because the axis level is still very low. Lower levels in Adventure Mode (PvE) only provide a small amount of SLP.

Here are the SLP rewards available from Adventure Mode at each level:

axis level SLP Prizes every time you win
Levels 1-4 1 SLP
Levels 5-9 2 SLP
Levels 10-14 4 SLP
Level 15-16 6 SLP
Level 17 – 20 5-10 SLP
Levels 21 – 36 10-20 SLP

As you can see, the higher the level of adventure mode, the higher the SLP reward. This is why you should focus on upgrading Axi first.

After leveling, 10 – 20 SLP per win, easily hit 100 SLP in Adventure Mode in less than 60 minutes. Consider it a worthwhile investment as you will earn SLP faster, easier and more efficiently.

Finally, another incentive to focus on leveling your Ax first is the boss level bonus. For example, in Ruin 21 you get a 200 SLP bonus after victory.

XP tables can be found for each level of Adventure Mode in Ax Infinity

level/destroy Gained EXP
the first 51 term
2 59 term
3 111 exp
4 118 term
5 141 exp
6 199 tenure
7 256 term
8 237 term
9 282 term
ten 300 term
11 344 EXP
the twelfth 429 term
13 378 term
14 347 term
15 358 term
16 402 EXP
17 367 term
18 446 EXP
19 434 EXP
20 401 EXP
21 644 EXP
22 449 EXP
23 618 tenure
24 582 exp
25 618 exp
26 797 EXP
27 735 term
28 759 XP
29 800 EXP
30 1209 EXP
thirty one 810 EXP
32 724 EXP
33 891 XP
34 800 EXP
35 805 XP
36 820 EXP

How to level fast in Axie Infinity is mentioned above. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 12:58 - 10/09/2022
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