How to get Jimin’s Calico Cat in BTS Island: In SEOM

Do you like Jimin’s calico cat in BTS? So you can own it to acceptTS ISLAND: SEOMORE IN.

BTS shows photo of island calico cat: SEOM
BTS shows photo of island calico cat: SEOM

BTS Island: SEOM has over one million downloads on the Google Play Store and has a 4.9 star rating. This is a game that cannot be missed by ARMY fans or arcade game lovers.

The game has beautiful cartoon graphics with interesting gameplay. Basically, the 4 members of BTS are stranded on a desert island and are forced to find a way to survive before someone comes to help. To do this, you need to help my nearby resources, build houses, cook, solve puzzles and much more.

In particular, BTS Island: SEOM also has hidden gems for those who have been following BTS for a while. How to play this BTS game is not difficult. You can refer to BTS Island: SEOM Tips for Beginners at In this article, we will find out how to get Jimin’s calico cat!

Where to find Jimin’s calico cat on BTS Island: In SEOM

Players can recognize the cute 3-color cat in the “Gamble” image on BTS Island’s official website: SEOM. Although it’s not shown in the trailer, players can see what it’s like around the campsite at night with 7 members. That being said, it’s part of BTS Island: SEOM.

Calico cats have an important meaning in the BTS universe. He is very close to member Jimin, who even appeared on the BTS member’s single titled, Serendipity.

You are my penicillin, save me, save me
My angel, my world
I’m your calico cat, here to meet you

Jimin from BTS and his cat
Jimin from BTS and his cat

Jimin is a famous cat lover. He once held and petted this cat in the Serendipity music video.

Good news for BTS Island players: they can become these SEOM cats. All you have to do is play the story in the bottom left corner of the screen. You need stars to unlock it. Collecting stars in BTS Island is easy, just unlock the puzzles.

Jimin's cat on BTS Island is named Gangyang
Jimin’s cat on BTS Island is named Gangyang

After reaching level 60, you will have enough stars to unlock the first day of this island. At the end of the day the cat appears automatically.

Jimin’s character in BTS Island: SEOM star with a calico cat. Here, it is called Gangyang.

Play with Jimin's cat while experiencing BTS Island
Play with Jimin’s cat while experiencing BTS Island

above How to get Jimin’s Calico Cat when you play BTS Island: In SEOM. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 17:30 - 10/09/2022
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