How to get Free Fire Weapons Royale: Ice Bone Treatment Sniper Skin

Weapons Royale in Free Fire Recently reset and now includes a new Ice Bones treatment sniper skin. Here is information about FF ice bone treatment sniper gun skin.

FF ice bone treatment sniper gun skin
FF ice bone treatment sniper gun skin

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royal arms Lucky Wheel of Luck Royale System in Free Fire. Here, players can find Latest FF weapon skin with powerful stats and great design.

In the latest Weapon Royale, Free Fire has an Ice Bones Treatment sniper skin as a major reward. it is The first legendary treatment in Free Fire is the sniper skin.

Free Fire Ice Bones Treatment Sniper Weapon Royale

Event Time: 5/12 to 1/1

Players can spin Weapon Royale with vouchers or diamonds. Each spine is worth 40 diamonds. The player can spin 11 times each time with 400 diamonds. That said, if you want more rewards, you can store more diamonds.

Here are the Ice Bones Treatment Sniper stats in Free Fire:

  • Shooting speed +
  • Armor Piercing ++
  • Walking speed-

Looking at the stats of this skin, it’s easy to see that this is the best free sniper gun skin ever. This skin increases armor penetration and rate of fire for weapons while reducing movement speed. FF gun damage is greatly improved with this skin, so movement speed loss isn’t a serious issue.

Lots of gun skins in the latest free fire weapon royale

Ice Bones Treatment Sniper Weapon Royale has many more weapon skins. Here is a list of all the unique royal skin weapons in the latest Garena Free Fire:

  • Urban Razor SKS, SPAS12, AK47
  • Imperial Rome FAMAS, Kar98, MP5, AK47
  • Bumblebee SKS, SPAS12, MP5, AK47
  • Faraone Groza, SPAS12, M1014, AK4
Update at 12:00 - 11/09/2022
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