How to get fishing bait in Genshin Impact

Fishing Lure Genshin Impact Match How? Use fake worm bait in Genshin Impact How? Let’s find out with!

Fishing on the Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 2.1 offers 5 species of fish and 4 different types of bait. Each species prefers only one type of bait, so you need all the recipes for them.

Genshin Fishing Effect System a specific function. The developer may offer more of these weapon themes in the future which is why weapon trading is so popular today.

At the moment, catch the weapon – fish on the spear The genshin effect Koi and Raimei Angelfish are required for trade. More weapons will be revealed that you can exchange with other fish.

Fishing bait in Genshin Impact game

  • How to get fishing bait in Genshin Impact
  • Recipes and how to use genshin fishing bait
  • Where to find fishing bait in Genshin Impact
  • How to bait the Genshin effect
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How to get fishing bait in Genshin Impact

The first bait you will get is fruit paste bait – fermented bait. When you open the fishing section of Genshin Impact, you will see its recipe. In addition, Genshin Impact has 3 other fishing lures:

  • False Worm Bait – False Worm Bait
  • Redrot Bait – Red meat bait
  • Fake Fly Bait – Fake fly bait
Influence of Genshin Nantuck

You can purchase plans for the above lures from the Nantuck angler in Mondstadt. Each blueprint requires 3 medaka, a common fish that is attracted to fermented bait. You can craft Genshin Impact Fishing Lures In the mixer after opening the recipe.

Recipes and how to use genshin fishing bait

Each type of bait requires different processing elements. Here are the recipes for using your favorite fishing bait in Genshin Impact:

Bait type type of fish Materials for fishing bait
fermented bait the crystal
Aizen Medaka
Glaze Medaka
Sweet flower medka

1 small jar

1 peanut

Bait for red meat Akai Mou
Venomspine fish
Lunged Stickleback
the beta

1 chicken

1 Blood Orchid

Fake worm bait Angelfish are permanent
purple veins
Brown veins
Shirkoda is the color of tea
Raimei is the angel fish

1 raspberry

1 Mud

Artificial fly bait Puffer fish
Bitter Pufferfish
It’s rust
Golden Koi

1 cherry hydrangea

1 tail

Genshin Impact Fishing Lures

Where to find fishing bait in Genshin Impact

  • Microvascular: Buy from store
  • Japanese Nuts: Choose from open world trees
  • Blood Orchid: Found in Nazuchi Sea
  • Duck: The bird must be killed
  • Slime Translation: Defeat the slimes and extract this liquid from them
  • Raspberries: Taken from open world bushes
  • Horsetail: Buy it from Dihua Marsh or Liu’s Bubu Pharmacy.
  • Cherry Hydrangea: A local specialty of Inazuma, found around cherry trees.

How to bait the Genshin effect

fishing bait

In order to craft fishing bait in Genshin Impact, the player must visit the fishing guild in each region to obtain enough ingredients. All you need to do is fish and barter to buy bait. Check out the fishing spots on Genshin Impact’s interactive map to find out where to go.

With enough ingredients and recipes, players can craft fish bait at the crafting bench.

Use bait

You can only use the lure in the Genshin Impact Fishing System. If you have stock bait, put it on the fishing rod and go to the designated spot for fishing. The most suitable fishing rod depends on where you currently live.

Note, Genshin Impact only allows players to select baits that can be used at fishing points. Choose one of the available baits, then release the rod and wait for the fish to bite.

Here’s what you need to know Genshin effect fishing lures. I hope the article is useful for you.

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