How to get and use Flute Sword effectively in Genshin Impact

Flute genshin effects It is a 4 star weapon with a high attack stat. Let find out what you need to know How to use Flute Sword with Genshin effect.

Sword Flute at Genshin Impact
Sword Flute at Genshin Impact

Flute sword position under Genshin effect

Genshin Impact regularly introduces new weapons under the Weapon Desire banner with each update. The Flute Sword is a sword that the player can obtain at any time from all random wish events or from standard wish wanderlust invocations.

This sword has good base damage, 42, and increases base attack by 9%. At max level, flute sword damage is up to 51% and you get 41.3% more attack power. There are five stages of climbing that you must complete. Here are all the materials needed for climbing Flute Sword in Genshin Impact::

Details of Flute Sword upgrade components in Genshin Impact
Details of Flute Sword upgrade components in Genshin Impact

Also, you need to use 150,000 Mora for the five stages of the climb. There are many ways to earn Mora in Genshin Impact, including completing missions, daily missions, participating in events, opening chests, killing bosses, and completing challenges in domains.

Flute Sword Genshin Effects Which characters are used?

in The genshin effect, the character using the Flute Sword will benefit the most from its bonus stats. Here are some characters that can effectively use this 4-star sword and make it as powerful as a 5-star weapon.


Jin is a 5 star Wind Sword user who can DPS and heal his teammates. This is why Flute Sword’s increased ATK helps Jin a lot, especially when dealing with large and dangerous bosses.


Qiqi used the 5-star sword. This Cryo character is one of the best healers in Genshin Impact so far. But Kyuki’s skills were also extended to the same attack as Jin’s. So, you need to increase your ATK a lot. So the flute is definitely a sword for Kyuki.

the cake

Keking is a powerful Electro DPS in Genshin Impact. His power and damage are based on his basic and heavy attacks. So Flute Sword will greatly support Keking’s ATK. When he uses this beautiful sword he can deal more damage to his target.

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Update at 9:07 - 22/08/2023
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