How to Follow Jungkook on BTS Island: On SEOM

Jungkook is playful BTS Island: At SEOMORE. and you can Follow Jungkook in BTS Island Game: SEOM.

BTS members on BTS Island: In SEOM

Jungkook is one of the most loved members of BTS. As the youngest member of the group who has to live far away from his family, Jungkook is well liked by the group members and considered as a brother. In addition, Jungkook is also considered a talented speaker, so he has many fans. So, when he found out that Jungkook was also playing BTS Island: SEOM, his fans wanted to follow the game idol’s every move.

And if you are one of them, please check it out How to Follow Jungkook on BTS Island: On SEOM Down below.

How to Add Jungkook to BTS Island: SEOM

This guide is mostly for players who can’t read or write Korean because you have to enter Jungkook’s name in the game in this language. If you know a little Korean, you can use the corresponding keyboard to enter the character name in the text field instead of copying.

Jungkook Account on BTS Island: On SEOM

This is a screenshot of the game that Jungkook shared on his Instagram story.

Here are the steps to add Jungkook to BTS Island: SEOM.

Road no. 1

Copy the following text while using your phone or other device to play this game:


Add Friends icon to BTS Island

Click on the tab friends Located on the right side of the tab the club at the top of the screen.

BTS Island Game Friends Tab

After opening the Friends tab, you will get a list of suggested friends. You don’t need because here you want to add Jungkook BTS. Click on the Search button – located in the lower left corner of the search pop-up window. You will see the following screen:

Finding Friends on BTS Island: On SEOM

Tap the gray text box to open the phone’s keyboard. You can paste the copied Korean text into this box. If the keyboard doesn’t offer the Paste option, try double-tapping the text box to display it.

Alternatively, you can try setting up a keyboard that lets you copy and paste and also has a clipboard, such as Google Keyboard or Go Keyboard.

Paste this text, Jungkook’s account will appear. Click the blue button to follow this BTS member playing on BTS Island: SEOM.

Follow BTS Island Game Button: On SEOM

Method 2

Jungkook is currently the highest ranked and most followed player in the game. So, it is easy to find this singer in BTS Island game. You just need to click on the tab Rank > Style. Here, you can see Jungkook’s account number 1 in the list.

BTS Island: SEOM Gaming Ranking

Click on Jungkook’s profile picture, then press the blue button to follow him. Or you can open and click Jungkook’s account i will follow you the green

Send SEOM's BTS Island idol gift

Congratulations, you have now followed Jungkook on BTS: Island SEOM. You can visit Jungkuok’s island and find out what happened to the statue. You can also send flowers or heart gifts to Jungkook on BTS Island.

Jungkook on BTS Island

above How to Follow Jungkook on BTS Island: SEOM. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 17:04 - 10/09/2022
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