How to fix unstable network while playing Rise of Kingdom

when you meet Rise of the Kingdoms game error Restless, what to do? Let’s find out with How to handle unstable network error while playing Rise of Kingdom Please!

Fix unstable RoC network
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Rise of the Kingdom (formerly known as Rise of Civilization) is one of the most interesting empire building games on mobile. With a beautiful visual design, unique kingdom building and expansion system, the game quickly attracted many players around the world. If you’re obsessed with Age of Empires (AOE) on your computer, you definitely can’t ignore Rise of Kingdoms.

overall experience Rise of the Kingdom Relatively smooth on all mobile devices. However, nothing is truly perfect. Many players reported that they got unstable network error. Therefore, they have to reload the game several times to continue playing. Boring, isn’t it? If you are playing the game at critical level, then this error will definitely make you want to break your phone.

But do not lose patience while doing this. Sobsomya you the road Fix state game rise This is a simple method. This article will give you ways to fix unstable network error in Rise of Civilization.

How to Fix RoC Game

Apparently “network unstable” occurs when there is a problem with the internet connection. It usually appears when you touch something in the game. You may see screen freezes (especially when reading or deleting emails Rise of Civilization or finding new targets or resources to attack).

If you encounter this error, you will see the following screen:

RoC error message

Most error messages are always “Network unstable, connection lost” with the suggestion “Please click Confirm to reconnect” and the error code next to it (it’s e12:7920 in the image above).

Here is another error message from Rise of Civilization:

Another RoC error message screen

How to fix RoC network instability

1. Rise of Civilization fans report that the game often has connection issues when preparing to enter maintenance mode or before/after a new update is released.

In this case, the developer’s server is a problem. You have no choice but to wait until they fix it or try to reconnect by tapping the required button. In most cases, after 2-3 connections, everything should work fine. If not, take a break from playing for about 30 minutes.

2. However, an unstable network is not always due to the fault of the developer. This can be from your WiFi or mobile network. Make sure the signal is strong enough to play the game by checking the internet connection, restarting the router if necessary.

3. Exit and restart the game. This mod can also fix network errors if not from the game server

To force quit an application suspended due to a network error, open the running applications menu on your device, remove it from the list, and then open it again.

4. Make sure you are not running any resource hungry apps in the background. If your device is updated with other apps or there are some resource hungry apps in the background, you may encounter errors especially while playing games on older devices.

Please disable background applications while playing Rise of Civilization to ensure all necessary resources can run smoothly.

However, in most cases, this error occurs because the game server is undergoing maintenance (usually announced in advance) or a new update is being processed. The good news is that in most unstable connection situations, Lilith games usually reward players with a set of free gems, so it’s not unfortunate to encounter an unstable one every now and then. -over the network

Finally, if you use a VPN to run Rise of Civilization, it can make your network connection unstable.

A VPN is a virtual private network that helps you encrypt your internet traffic and hide the real IP you’re using. In other words, a VPN protects your security while surfing the web. However, sometimes a VPN can slow down your network connection. That’s why you need to encrypt your internet activity with a secure VPN. To fix this issue while playing Rise of Civilization:

  • First, try switching from a wireless connection to a wired network connection This can be a bit inconvenient as you need an Ethernet outlet and a cable to make it work However, it helps keep the network connection stable.
  • Second, try changing the server connected via VPN to another region.

You can restart the router by unplugging it and restarting it or by restarting the device. This off-on-on-tip is old, but it always comes in handy.

I hope the above methods will help you to fix unstable network connection error in Rise of Civilization.

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Update at 3:17 - 24/08/2023
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